Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

You know, I was just randomly curious about the Sovetsky Soyuz class. And decided to search the forum to see if anyone had a proposal, ironic as hell that you posted this 30 minutes ago…

We have a fully produced hull, but the turret wasn’t completed. I get what you saying however the Kronstadt is in the same case as the Japanese.

USSR was not known for its navy. Which is an understatement of its own. Nevertheless, it’s the same case-to-case basis. The USSR in WW2 had little to no battlecruisers/heavy cruisers in service. Perhaps there is some that are not aforementioned however we probably do not know of said existence since it wasn’t documented and or documentation was destroyed.

On the related topic, the Kronstadt can be seen as an exception because Russia didn’t have the capacity and it was the closest they got to a modern battleship. Similarly, I’ve been asking for the Normandie which reached 80% and only need to delivery of several towers to have several to be finished.

The Sovetsky is a case of they weren’t even close and can be considered as not even being started. Especially because it’s a post treaty ship, it would be 200% bias/cope if they get it. Russia should be the first to get cold war era anti ship vessels to compensate.

I’d have preferred the Kronshtadt received the Bismarck guns as that was the ultimate development of the design, given the 11-inch one’s were not feasible for them within the timeframe. But I agree.

Absolutely we should see Normandie, Dunkerque too even now they would be balanced.

I agree, Russia and France, but I imagine they will get the Sovetsky Soyuz and the Stalingrad class too but France can’t get the Alsace class unfortunately.

If they do get the Sovetsky as much as it would be cope, it would be an okay place for the game to end (presuming it takes us like 3 years to get there at this pace). Japan would get the Yamato, US the Iowa, Britain the 65,000 tonne Lion design, USSR the Sovetsky, Germans the H-39. All displace 60-70000 tonnes. I hesitate to say balanced (Yamato would still be incredible and Sovetsky will get some sort of ahistorical buff (even though given that they can’t build an armour plate it should be a nerf)).

However France and Italy would be hung out to dry.

That sounds absolutely horrible. The H-class and Lion didn’t have construction started.

Its true but they have said in the past that laying down is their border of reality, and i’ve seen the claim that they will take completed blueprints to fill major br gaps in naval. As a result the H class would fit and the Lion too as they were laid down (anything up to 65,000 would fit in the shipyard the 70,000 proposal is off the table completely infeasible).

I admit its not ideal and it highly depends where they want to leave naval, if they want to eventually get to the level of Kirov’s, Ticonderoga’s, Type 45 destroyers and other things then I would go with your way.

But if they want to go as far as Yamato and stop, then they may have to go with laid ships, which would include H-39 and Lion (1945).

so replace 2 fake tanks that they have said should not be in the game with 2 paper tanks that were never built??

How about no thanks.

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To be clear, I’m not nessesarily against the inclusion of the Kronstadt. The bluewater navy lines have much fewer candidates, especially for certain nations, and therefore including paper ships is nessesary for all lines to have a top tier. I have no issues with ships like the Normandie (Or my personal preference the later Richelieu subclasses like the Clemenceau or Gascoigne), as long as they fit the three preconditions I’ve listed above.

I’m mainly against the Kronstadt as is because it’s inaccurate to how it would have been built given the limitations the Soviets had at the time. The 15 inch version with 330 FHA (Or 230 cemented) armor would be a perfectly reasonable interpretation of what they could have produced, and been a fairly well balanced Renown class analogue for the Soviets. And I also dislike people gatekeeping other paper designs while looking the other way for this mess.

Paper vehicles are a way to increase gameplay variety and allow a constant stream of new and interesting vehicles, without completely abandoning the historical basis that underpins this game.

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I absolutely agree, although when you say paper, do you mean complete blueprints or actually laid down ships that just weren’t finished?

It depends. I’m generally OK with purely paper so long as the need is great enough, and we know enough about the project.

Preference should absolutely be given to vehicles that had some level of work done towards producing them, as more would be known about them, and they have more historical basis. And obviously, designs that were more feasible should be done first, so Kron over Soyuz.

But if no such vehicles exist for any given niche in a lineup, I have no issue with dipping into purely paper designs so long as they meet my 3 preconditions. It’s better than just leaving lines without valid options for years (Looking at you, British high tier), or resorting to copy paste which just dilutes gameplay variety in the long term.


Remembering that the maus, panther 2, tiger 10.5 + other tanks were originally added to help flesh out those tech trees, and then were removed for various reasons including balancing issues and not enough available data on paper or otherwise(or too much conflicting data) to really properly model them in game.

They’re generally not re-added because they’re not needed… the nations they were removed from are fairly fleshed out now, as oppose to,well haveing only 2 nations with maybe 30 tanks each in the entire tech trees when they were originally added.

Why does nobody ever talk about the m4 748 =/ when will it be readded D: why is it such a sekrt super special occasion tank that is only available in like 200 every 5 years or so…it’s just a basic m4, it’s not even special in any way from the tech tree version

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As much as I have my issues with how Gaijin operates War Thunder. I won’t go into details since I do not need to. Some things cannot change without fundamentally changing the whole game.

So only advice is to try to look at it from a multitude of points of view. Why we do not want paper vehicles in the game unless absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately not true, it remains the single Sherman in game to have it’s roof mounted smoke grenade launcher modeled, when they should all have it AFAIK.

As for why it doesn’t come back often (It was offered very briefly some time ago) that’s due to it’s rare collectable status. It was one of the first preorder vehicles, and outside it’s smoke grenade launcher the only thing that makes it interesting is it’s rarity. Doing another wide release of it would piss a lot of people who paid through the nose to get it off, and that’s not a good idea to do to your whales. It’s also why I never expect to see the E-100 released (Or likely even fixed) ever again.

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I wouldnt be opposed to it but the problem is both E50 and E75 were essentially up gunned and up armored versions of of both the panther and Tiger II respectively so they would likely be 7.7 or 8.0 and have the same matchmaking issues as the Maus, IS7 etc.

These types of tanks were evolutionary deadends which is why they dont have much of a place in either history, or the game.

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While I agree with your premise, the reality is that pre-orders were over a decade ago and many of those players arent even playing the game anymore…

There are a lot of valuable tanks that are only valuable because they’re rare. Not only would releasing them again make them less rare, and therefore less valuable, a consistent releasing schedule undermines the FOMO that drives a lot of War Thunder’s sale and grind events.

People aren’t going to bend over backwards or spend money in game to get through a grind if they know that the vehicle will be available later for less money/less grind.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate this, I’d love to see rare vehicles back and available again (Not through the nonsense lootbox with a sub 0.1% drop rate). I’d love to get my hands on the Boarhound. But FOMO is just the way it is, no way to change that.

Ships have different requirements to be out into the game. I believe that they said that shios can be added if their hulls have been layed down.

The argument of “it is unfair that new players cant get it” is valid for the most part. I hate how all the event vehicles are exclusives which you cant get after the event unless you want to drop $50 min on the market.

However, these vehicles are not a case of event/pre-order exclusives but a case of gaijin making a mistake. They made the mistake of adding these and they decided to go “yeah, we need to remove these but it would be bad to just erase player’s progress so we will let you keep it”. Same thing when they removed all of the italian planes from the german tech tree and what will happen when they remove the r2y2.
As for adding tech tree tanks to those areas. I would love some more ww2 german tanks.

What a flawless logic…“I joined the game after vehicle xy has been removed, so nobody should have it.”

By that logic all low-tier BP and Marathon event rewards should also be removed for everyone, since they are no longer obtainable and so should a whole bunch of tech tree vehicles that have been hidden over time.

This would also mean that any vehicle that you unlock, be it by grinding, or by spendi g real money is not safely yours to keep.

This is not an improvement. Replacing fictional vehicles with other fictional ones changes nothing.

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