Puma Why we need the spike missiles now!

Reasons why we need spike missiles for the puma Now.

  • Since day one when the (Puma) came into the game, people have been asking when he’ll get the spike missiles. It has been a while. that’s why you should take care that you don’t upset the community

  • 10.0 is a BR which is fun but since the puma is on 10.0 I’m always going to the 10.7 BR where I have opponents who have spike missiles I’ve been killed by them many times.

  • we players were told so many times that the puma should get the spike rockets soon but we were apparently forgotten

Pls Gaijin Dont forget us or ignore us


What I am hearing is that the puma needs the spike missile because you want it. If they add the spike to it, it is most likely going to 10.7 or 11.0

We already have IFV shooting spikes at 10.0 I don’t see the problem if PUMA get one

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Puma is 10.0 without spikes. Why would adding a fire and forget missile system to it not increase its br?


And what make it 10.0 without spike at the begin with? if not stupid decisions from Gaijin?


Because it was a menace before it got moved up?

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The problem is it was nerfed to make it more balanced at its br, And at the same time its br was increased so another classic double nerf that made it worse in an attempt to fix it.


Wouldnt solve anything, the problem is that the puma model is completly bugged and riddled with faults and performs way worse then it should. We dont want soikes primarily, we want the puma fixed, but that propably will only happen with the spike puma version.

IF we just slapp spikes at the current Puma, they will never bother to fix the PUMA model, so no that is not the solution


For completions sake, here as well the bug list of the Puma


as someone who already hates facing the puma (and light vehicle vaporizing tank GUNS-meta in general) additional rockets for this thing would make me hate it even more… meh

It is right now literally among the worst IFVs in the game… it can not frontaly harm anything but SPAAs and other IFVs. While alost every lower BR IFV can frontally destroy every tank it faces in one way or another.
It is the largest IFV because of its armour. Which is useless at its BR and bugged on top of that.
Its counter measure system does not work.
Its performance at 9.3 was already lackluster at best and even when playing 8.3 in a full uptier you would almost never see it. The Begleit is better in every single aspect when it comes to gameplay and meta play.

In short. The PUMA is a vehicle which struggels in the meta and is also worse in its stats when compared to similar vehicles.

But then again I do not play it nor at its BR outside of a few games a year.

But At 9.3 I never thought of it as particulary dangerous or hard to kill


You know what. Sure, im for Germany getting Spike missiles…then maybe Gaijin will fix them. But from what i heared, didnt PUMA carried only 2 Spike missiles?

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Puma is easily the worst 10.0 IFV in game atm

BMP-2M dominates with its great gun, mobility, size, and 4x ready to fire missiles with exceptional penetration

M3A3 has the TOW-2A and the commander sights gimmick

Puma just has a nice angle on the UFP and an unmanned turret

Something will always be “the worst” at any given BR.

That’s not a reason to upgrade it.

And it just shifts “the worst” problem to something else.

Also doesn’t guarantee that it wont’ still be “the worst” at whatever it’s new BR will be!!

Also, AFAIK - Germany hasn’t actually equipped Pumas with Spike yet - they are still “on order”?

same as KF41, 2 launchers is the norm, they just didnt add spikes to reload to the KF41 yet i think

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Ahhh okay…thanks

Four of them.

During the Czech or Hungarian trials it was advertised to carry 2 in the launcher and 2 inside the vehicle (where PanzerFaust 3 is usually stored).


They very clearly have.


it may not be a killer like the bmp2m, but sure annoying as hell on the huge amount of CQ street maps where it can “one shot” your tank gun and then you are easy prey for it, as my ****** russian tanks dont have a proper reverse gear, which allows the puma to come close up and easily pen the side armor. pumas survivability is still strong - killing it reliably from certain angles aint easy, especially while being frightend about its laser gun disabling your tank gun. bmps blow up like nothing on the other hand…
sadly the bad map pool is promoting IFV spam… i hate it

They all already stole the kf-41 from us and the people who never play the puma before always said oh the puma is super broken fk them
It always get 1 shot at 10.0 and with only 30mm guns it just like the BMP-2 with no atgm at that BR