Puma Why we need the spike missiles now!

puma dont belong to 10.0 cuz its bugget not modelt properly muss wornk work as it should amd work only sometimes and that only when you facing your oponents also apfsds and underperfoming plus gun is weirdly unacurate for some reason also dmg on those apfsds is soo bad im using only apds cuz more spaling with low pen round aaaaaaaaaaaaand the shell we nned the most basicly multipurpose dont work at all. over all good wehicle but this is not higher material than 8.7 in its for why well its baddddddddd. when it was first add i understand the br was low and was good but this thing missing soo mutch missing its firepower, also missing a bit of armor to start with it plus no spike but the wehicle could woth without it there is no need for spike if gaijin fix all issues with armor and gun being more acurate and those apfsds finally going to have mmoooore spalings than maybe this is 9.0 or 9.3 wehicle but definitlly not 10.0 with those all missing things hell nah. I spawn bmp2m any time fo puma hell even marder is better in multy role than puma and also composite armor at side is modelled incorrectly and basicly its wisual but when you try to look at it in xray its missing same thing as with canadian leopard wich have maxas armor at side this was also problem but this was fixed finally. And yeah there are thise small spikes on the top of puma armor those are not iven modelled and they should be, like i know they do not do mutch but it can do a little and everithing is counting. over all puma is not bad wehicle its just really bad implemented in game too bad. But since gaijin dont care about germany in game at all this is dead topic. Like allways was on old forum.

Because Spikes are just that bad.

We will get a Puma with spikes after the event with the Vilkas has ended.

Better than the Freccia but worse than the KF41, plus that puts it neatly in a lineup with the 2A4.

PUMA has no place being at 10.0 when the 2S38 is arguably better and more deadly, it was fine at 9.7 and complimented Germany’s 9.0 line up but the trauma and PTSD of the player base when it was at 8.3 continues to bash the PUMA

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Buff for the Spike ER has been acknowledged

Speaking of which, does this issue actually have a proper thread on the Gaijin.net issues report? This is the only thing that I found after a quick search.