PUMA - when be reapired?

Hello, why PUMA has not-worked MUSS within 2 years?

An obvious problem. They even wrote how to solve it inside the code for the developers. What’s the matter? Why, if it were a Soviet tank, would it be repaired in 1 month maximum?


MUSS was confirmed to be ready for the next major update, but no word on AHEAD as far as I know.

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shameless self promotion but there is already a thread to talk about this based on the old forums thread



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I love diff. Makes things so much easier to look at.

the screenshot its not mine just that we have it around to mark the bug the muss like fixed, in fact we got confirmed by a mod that the bug of the MUSS its labeled as fixed internally meaning devs technically have it fixed but the fix is not comming out till next major update

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It wasnt confirmed anywhere, we have just the change in the datamine which looks like a fix for it + we know from a Mod that they are Fixed on the way, but not about which part of the MUSS, so still VERY likely…

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hopium that it actually spins around cuz i aint taking a nonspinning muss

Do some donuts, that’ll make it spin.

the principle is not hard the problem is that gaijin is known for cheaping out this kind of stuff and not coding some stuff, for example how will you make it turn to whoever its firing the missile at you unless you put a code that targets him directly, this would work specially well agains helis that are half hidden

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i remember the devblog stating the MUSS was 360 and it never came as 360 ingame


First it was a (balance) reason…
Later they saidit was a game limit because 360 and no one else had 360°…

Again later it was a Bug…

yeah its rather obvious they didnt had it ready and they decided to use the excuse of “no one else has it”

But what about AMAP-B?


yeah armor its absolutely destroyed rn and will take more time to fix it probably

More than 2 year?