Pulse Doppler Radars

Before update Apex Predators all PD radar modes used to be what is now known as the regular PD SRC. Since Apex Predators PD HDN SRC got added. My question with this topic is the following: Why was it added and why do only some planes have it? I think there shouldn’t be such a difference between different radar sets especially considering where most of these radars are (11.0+). I think its very unfair if all a MiG-29 has to do to notch an F14’s radar is turn around where as the F14 has to perfectly notch it. Maybe it would be more balanced if the PD HDN SRC mode got removed entirely. I would also like to know where this came from since i can not find much about it online so if anyone has a source for it i would like to read it.

Its conflating a number of things, but in essence is there to indicate that distinct classes of waveform are in use as future systems can use a number of methods for various purposes and having them all classed as PD, would be misleading since their performance can vary massively.

HDN indicates that a low PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency) waveform is being used and as such has comparatively poor velocity resolution, in exchange for significantly improved maximum detection range since the time between pulses allows for a longer round trip time (range) before the sequential pulse and pulse ambiguity occurs.

Its an artifact of having an older radar and specific modes / utility features / mechanics not (yet) modeled on the F-14’s (for example the AN/ALR-23 IRSTS & AN/AXX-1 TCS, which use Electro Optical sensors to track a target, and so can’t be notched, since the radar only supplies ranging info when slaved to those modes).

The Mig-29 uses a Medium PRF radar and so sits in the middle ground in terms of absolute performance, though in comparison has better Widths while only using the radar.

Later systems (APG-65, -66, -70, etc.) will begin to interleave between PRF’s and so it would have the benefits of both while scanning and transition though various modes as needed to maintain a track.

They only renamed the modes to clarify the differences to other radars, they already had HDN radar performance.

And its based on how the radars were historically.