PSA: Just because event exists, doesn't mean you've to participate in it

  • I think that events require too much grind
  • I think the grind for events is just right
  • I think there’s too little grind

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Let me start this by saying that I think this event and a lot of special events from Gaijin are quite insane and requires a commitment from person that no game should ever require. And I think it’s time that Gaijin learns that people have jobs, people have schools and the fact that they’re intentionally making event take insane time to participate in, is one of the more scummy parts of the game, to incentivize paying for vehicles.

Obviously you can’t mass report every time to protest awful things this company is doing, so I will finish this by saying one simple thing and that is if you want things to change, probably the only way to do it is by not participating in event, and also not buying any event vehicles.

I’m not saying you should do it, nor encouraging in any way. I’m just offering suggestions and the best way to fix this madness. If you like things the way they are, then don’t mind the post.

For all the good things that Gaijin did with the road map, their actions regarding non-roadmap things indicate that they don’t feel like changing, and the road map was just a response to mass review bomb that will soon be forgotten.


Yeah, it’s all a bit much for the casual player who enjoys other activities away from a computer screen. While it’s right to say that one doesn’t have to participate, in a way it’s also wrong as play becomes a bit more toxic during the event, with any lingering notion of team cooperation largely going out the window. I’ll probably just skip playing completely for a few weeks but that’s because I’m not paying for Premium and therefore not “wasting” my subscription.


I think it’s relatively simple: Do the event if you feel like and don’t mind the effort you need to put in it, or let it be if you don’t like the rewards or don’t want to put the effort in.

The rewards are not “must have’s” that give an unfair advantage over those that don’t have them, so missing out on any or all of them is really not something that people should get worked up over.

And: I personally don’t thing that everybody is “entitled” to get the rewards almost automatically (meaning: with little effort): Special events with rewards SHOULD require special effort, otherwise it kinda looses its special status as well, no? And value: What’s so special about something special, if everybody has it? There’s is a sense of fulfillment by achieving something only a few can achieve!

For me, this event here doesn’t bring anything I want to play, so I don’t actively pursue it, other times I did work for it because the rewards were something I liked and wanted.


However the Battle Pass is. Vehicles almost essential to a tech tree are now put behind an actual paywall AND a grind.

If you consider the BP an Event, which I do consider it to be, and a paid for one at that.

I believe in regards to Premium versions a free in tech tree variation should exist, just like we already have in game (Comet/Duke and the Firefly tanks).

I do agree it is a choice, but in some cases the reward is created purely for its FOMO.

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In my opinion, grinding 75k points in 12 out of 13 days in succession is a bit more than “little effort” to say the least. The grind can be effectively cut in half and would still be challenging to complete for the regular player.

Currently, this event will only be completable by neets that have WT as their full time “job”, which honestly doesn’t look good.
I mean, why do you even have events, if majority can’t even complete it in time ?


On this event maybe although LOSAT seems pretty unique to this game for me, but in other events there were rewards that could be put in the best of the best vehicles in the game, at least at that time. E-100, I-301, I-29, IS-7, Obj.279, all Merkavas, etc… or with unique weapons or a game’s first.

I think all high/medium tier premiums and squadron and event vehicles should be locked behind a level cap. Only then, and only after a lot lf time top tier and high tier can have good teams.

I only really play 1 nation and I dont really touch ground. So if its a British Ship or plane in the event, i’ll put the effort in and get it. But the last event to get HMS Renown, took ages and was a horrific grind for me. I did end up sticking a little money into the game to skip the 2 tokens, because i had had enough.

Last crafting event I actually took part in was for the Buc S1 and again, that was pretty brutal. Events should be fun optional taskings. But they should be achievable mostly passively through normal gameplay. Not requiring excessive farming or grinding.

BattlePass is even worse and I have never even looked at the rewards for that because I know i would NEVER get even close to the task. Though now SB has been added to it. Maybe i’ll get further passively

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I work a 9-5 and still manage to get all the events done, and i know many people who are the same. 75K per day and 120K every 2 days for the winter/summer event is difficult, but doable.

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A vast majority of the event pain could be solved if the vehicles were not exclusives. If you can get the vehicles in an event a couple years down the line, it would not be so bad.
Not to mention anyone who starts the game now that will not be able to get countless vehicles.


There are two issues i have with this mentality. The first is that I dislike any sort of vehicle gatekeeping or excusivity in the sense that to get the vehicles you must use meta vehicles only, for 6 or more hours a day, for nearly 2 weeks straight to get the vehicles, this makes the event completely inaccessable to anyone with less than at least 6 hours a night to spend grinding, for 12 days straight. To be honest, it doesnt really make much sense to grind the vehicles by playing the game at this point, because it is simply more time efficent to go and get a job for 2 weeks, and buy the vehicles after from the market, console players not included.In my opinion, 75K is too much per day, if it were decreased to 50K or so, i think that would be much better overall, it would reduce fatigue, make the event more accessable to people with less time, and help with the second issue i have. The second issue i have, is the way people end up playing to get these events done. to clarify, there is no way to stop meta abusing, no matter how difficult the event is, but what i dislike about these events, is that I have to end up meta abusing to get it done. When the events are on, you see a significant amount more botting, people abusing SIM to get it done, and using meta vahicles like the Obj-279, the KV-1B/E, completely taking over the br brackets they are in. this means that everyone else, who isnt using those vehicles, has to either avoid those br’s, or have your head caved in by tanks you will struggle to destroy, and will easily run over your entire team.


You must be one of the rare ones that have a 9-5 job and still are able to put in 6hrs+ in the game for almost two weeks without stopping. That’s amazing dedication, but is far off from what an average player will/can do.

Event that forces players to put in ridiculous hours into the game in such a short time period surely is far from optimal or enjoyable for most people.


“Sense of pride and accomplishment”

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Oh yeah? I work six days a week ontop of other obligations. Tell your OverLords to stop shafting people like me because even when I can pay I don’t because it’s a matter of principle.


My personal view of this is that well, the world works like this and if I am not able and/or willing to put in a special effort to get some special goodie, I don’t get that special goodie!

Maybe stupid, but maybe working comparison: I might want to run a marathon or something. That will need effort and investment of time. I may succeed and finish the race, and get a “Finisher” T-shirt. But for the “Special Achiever” T-shirt I will need to invest much more! Those are rarer, obviously. And for a medal it needs even more, much more effort.

I will never get a marathon medal or even a “Special Achiever” T-shirt, because I just can’t be bothered to “grind” for it. Others do. It’s their choice.

But what I certainly won’t do is to complain to the organizer of the race that I can’t get the “Special Achiever” shirt if I’m not willing or able to earn it.

Since the event started the CAS-spam has increased extreme … so I gonna drop this event. Even with four AA in my lineup I can’t stand this.


This isn’t real life, you shouldn’t need to break your ass off just to get something. That’s why people play video games, they want to relax, have fun and escape from the real life “grind”.
Problem arises when an event forces you to play the game almost as a full time job, just to get everything that’s there.

Don’t know about you, but if you ask me, playing video games 6hrs/day isn’t healthy, let alone doing it for 12 days straight.


The whole point of this thread, you are not forced to do it. I agree it probably wont be fun for a lot of people, especially when people try to metagame it and just get frustrated, and i would like to see the score amount decreased

The people who voted for this option have unlimited time


You are right, but still, why do they even have events when your average player won’t be able to finish it in time ?
Putting 70-80 hours in the event wouldn’t be that much of a problem, if it lasted 3 weeks or something, right now 13 days is just not going to cut it for most people.