Proposition to balance the BI (add He - 176)

After reading the title, I already know what everyone is going to say; “It’ll never happen!”. I am not proposing any changes to the BI directly. Instead I’d like to use an example from a similar situation in world of tanks.

A few years ago, two tanks called the Annihilator and the Smasher where introduced as crate tanks. They had a low drop rate and were somewhat expensive considering the game. When they were first introduced, they were extremely overpowered. Rather than nerf them, WG simply coded the matchmaker to always include one on the opposing team if I queued in one. A similar thing could be implemented in war thunder – allow the BI to still be OP, but give it a little competition with a similar BR He 176 (maybe as an event vehicle?)

Was the He-176 ever planned to include guns? Also, requiring the other team to have a certain vehicle in order for you to enter a match is not a good idea. A horrible idea for a plane as rare as the BI.

I am not going to go into the “is it op?” in this comment but this idea would not work.

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It’d be pretty hard to be working without guns.

Wouldn’t mind seeing something though for some of these test vehicles to merely be like single mission vehicles though, which could be an interesting thing.

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Could make the German mains happy and add the natter. Until they find out it sucks in-game.

It wasn’t as far as I know, but seeing as other planes that never existed IRL (R2Y2 Kai v3) were added I don’t think it would be too big a deal. Could also use one of the other pre Me 163 rocket planes if any of the others had cannons.

They are planning on removing the fake r2y2s.

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Are they though? 🤔

Gaijin has been saying that for years.

They will. It is just that they are in the Japanese tech tree and we know their track record with that.

yeah, that would be cool