Proposal to Enhance the German Tech Tree in War Thunder with Austrian and Swiss Sub-Trees and Unique Vehicles

Canada and Australia are dominions and Commonwealth members with far closer relations to UK than the USA.

Plus the UK players have been trying to get ride of India as nether side like that deal.


I’m saying for everyone to get one you would have to give the US one of them.

And then comes Gaijin with their weird uga buga mogic and reasoning

Mexico :P

lampyridae was a model sadly…
mirage was never german nor owned by germany (sadly)
we can instead make do with the stuff here
Wishlist for Germany (WIP)

No, it wouldn’t.

K9 and K1 come off the top of my head. IVFs and APCs they have unique of.

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I’m not fully educated on what SK has. So i’m going to hold my tongue and not make myself look stupid.

Austrian and Swiss stuff should all go to Germany, yes.

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why would you put them in the German Tree anyway? The Germans aren’t exactly lacking good planes around that BR and they’re both distinctly British planes


“Loss of uniqueness”

ok gg don’t export

(Literally almost every nation has an example of a vehicle/series of vehicles “losing uniqueness”)

Speaking of “losing uniqueness”

Have you seen your proposals for Austria’s and Switzerland’s Air Trees?

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They don’t have to be added, I just took a list of everything they do have, not everything that should be added. This way, the devs can pick and choose what they want.

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The US doesn’t need a sub-tree but if it did there are better options than two nations that only make sense in the UK or an independent tree (Canada with ANZAC sub-tree for a pseudo-commonwealth tree sounds lovely or both getting their own tree is also is lovely)

If they did South Korea is one, the Philippines as others have said or a South American country.


German mains with more proposals, how many top tier Leopards do you need?
You have no existing relationship with the Swiss (you shouldn’t have received the Swiss hunter, it should have been British or even French!)
Germany has a sub tree all ready its called the DDR

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I wouldn’t really call the DDR line a subtree tbh, it’s a part of germany and not something like Sweden w/ Finland or Britain with South Africa

It’s a key part in german history, especially militarily

but either way, I still don’t think any of the big 3 need a sub tree at this point in time


Actually, Swiss, Germans, and Austrians, all train together and have a very good relationship. They all train together in Allentsteig.

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Here are a few proposals for Korea to educate yourself on.

The proposals in question

United Korea Ground Forces Tech Tree
South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree
United Korean Aviation Tech Tree

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Not on my list of desperately need improvements in Warthunder.Isreal could do with a hand.

Sub trees still remain one of the stupidest things in the game IMO, they make nobody happy.

People get mad because X nation should have gone to Y nation

People who say ewwww C+P

People who say I don’t want this in my tree

Germany, USA, USSR, UK, France and China don’t need sub trees, they just need all their vehicles.
Sweden should be renamed to Scandinavia since its effectively, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Japan and Israel, IMO, are the only trees that could use a sub tree, and even then it should just be stop gap vehicles not a full tree.

In this case I could see an Austrian sub tree to Germany, I think the Swiss tree should be independent, but again, Germany doesn’t need a sub tree, there are so many more German vehicles that could be added


They train together because they are close geographically.
You cant just add a subtree because you train together.

Germany as a nation has everything (excluding top tier aviation) It really doesn’t need a sub tree.
It has the DDR and the Bundeswehr.

Germany also have a Polish Leopard 2PL and Canadian aviation and Leopard, Argentina and Switzerland you cant have everything

Yes its key to German history but also shouldn’t be part of West Germany like Taiwan and China or if you had Russia and Ukraine in a tree. Germany should lose the DDR

Gaijin should make the Warsaw pact, with Poland, Czech, Hungarian and other nations that have unique interesting vehicles that were aligned with the Soviet Union. I hate that we have now passed the peak cold war brs and we never had a Warsaw pact.

Germany has so many interesting vehicles that Gaijin could add and do not. They do not need Soviet vehicles to be competitive or interesting.
Allowing Gaijin to copy and paste a whole “subtree” across is not good for the game. We really are ending up with every top tier nation using a Leopard an M1 or a T series tank