Proposal to Enhance the German Tech Tree in War Thunder with Austrian and Swiss Sub-Trees and Unique Vehicles

Proposal for Enhancing the German Tech Tree in War Thunder 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭

Reason for Proposal:

  1. Loss of Uniqueness:
  • Many nations are acquiring copy/paste Leopard tanks, especially the Leopard 2A4, 2A6, and 2A7. This trend is making Germany less unique and diverse, and may soon render top-tier Germany irrelevant. The Swedish tech tree has already been superior for a long time, and as other nations acquire more Leopards, Germany risks falling behind.
  1. Air Vehicle Deficiency:
  • Germany’s top-tier air vehicles will soon be lacking until the introduction of the Eurofighter. With no jets between the Tornado and the Eurofighter, Germany may have one of the weakest Air RB tech trees in the game for an extended period.
  1. Inadequate Anti-Air:
  • Germany’s top-tier anti-aircraft capabilities are lacking compared to other nations.
  1. BR Gaps:
  • There are significant BR gaps, such as the gap between 6.7 and 7.7-8.0 vehicles. This results in vehicles like the Kugelblitz and RU 251 being overlooked. This gap also affects the sale of the RU 251, a fan-favorite tank in other games but less desirable in War Thunder due to its lack of a lineup.
  1. Financial Incentives:
  • Implementing this proposal could generate more revenue for Gaijin through the sale of unique premium and event tanks, while keeping Germany competitive in the long run.

Proposed Additions 🇩🇪

1. German Ground Vehicles

  • Panzerhaubitze 2000
  • Spähpanzer Luchs
  • Skyranger 30 (Already ordered, produced, and ready for mass production)
  • PUMA with Spikes (at a different BR)
  • Boxer IFV variants
  • Skynex ADS
  • Oerlikon Skyshield on a Boxer chassis
  • LARS 1 & 2
  • RakJPz 4 Jaguar 2
  • Sturmgeschütz IV

2. German Air Vehicles

  • Eurofighter Prototypes (DA1 – DA5 prototypes)
  • MBB Lampyridae (visible gun slots similar to the Ho 229)
  • Dassault Mirage III E
  • Hawker Sea Hawk Mk 100/101

Austrian Sub-Tree 🇦🇹

1. Austrian Ground Vehicles

  • Pandur 1 & 2 variants, including the Pandur 2 105mm
  • ASCOD variants with 30mm gun, guided missiles, or 40mm
  • 4K-7FA variants
  • SK 105 A1, A2, and A3 variants
  • Pinzgauer variants, including the Mistral or 106mm
  • Swiss MOWAG Piranhas Austria purchased
  • ÖAF Radpanzer
  • Steyr Prototyp (low tier)
  • Steyr ADGZ (low tier)

2. Austrian Air Vehicles

  • Saab 35 Draken
  • Saab 105Ö
  • Saab 29 Tunnan
  • De Havilland Vampire
  • De Havilland Venom
  • Northrop F-5E Tiger II
  • Swiss Pilatus PC-7

Note: Austria shares much more than just a language with Germany. As one of Germany’s most trusted allies, Austria engages in constant training and shares similar weapons and historical struggles. As an Austrian, I believe Austria fits best as a sub-tree for Germany. Claims that language is the only commonality are misguided and fail to recognize the deep cultural and military cooperation.

Swiss Sub-Tree 🇨🇭

1. Swiss Ground Vehicles

Top Tier:

  • MOWAG Piranha ARES
  • Panzer 87-140 and other Panzer 87 variants
  • CV 9030CH

Other Tiers:

  • MOWAG Piranha HOT
  • MOWAG Piranha Pzj TOW 6x6
  • MOWAG Radpanzer/Skorpion II
  • MOWAG Skorpion I
  • MOWAG Radpanzer Pak.55
  • MOWAG Shark FL-12
  • MOWAG Grenadier MRS-80 and MRS-20
  • MOWAG MR 8-23
  • Radpanzer M6 90mm
  • Radpanzer M6 HS.820 (20mm)
  • Panzer 68 variants
  • Panzer 61 variants
  • Panzer 58
  • KW 30 variants
  • HS 30 mit 90mm Bord K
  • Panzerwagen variants
  • Praga LTL-H
  • MOWAG Shark Trinity
  • MOWAG Shark Wildcat
  • GDF-D03
  • Fliegerabwehrpanzer 68
  • GDF-C02
  • Flakpanzer A.14 HS.831 (30mm)
  • Oerlikon-Bührle AG 20mm Vierlings-Flabpanzer
  • Panzer 51 mit 34mm HS/W+F Doppellauf
  • Flakpanzer A.14 HS.820 (20mm)
  • MOWAG Mistral
  • MOWAG Shark LPTS-105
  • MOWAG Shark LATS
  • MOWAG Taifun
  • MOWAG Pirat
  • Nahkampfkanone II
  • G13
  • Nahkampfkanone I
  • Nahkampfkanone I F2

2. Swiss Air Vehicles

  • Swiss F/A-18 Hornet (essential for Germany unless Typhoon prototypes DA1 – DA5 are added)
  • Pilatus PC-7 (also used by Austria)
  • BAe Hawk
  • Milan
  • F-5
  • Mirage III
  • FFA P-16
  • DOFLUG D803 and D802
  • Venom
  • Vampire
  • Mosquito
  • EKW planes


Adding these sub-trees and vehicles will ensure Germany remains competitive and unique in War Thunder. Sweden’s tech tree currently outperforms Germany’s, and other nations acquiring Leopard 2A6s and 2A7s erode Germany’s uniqueness. Integrating Swiss and Austrian vehicles will provide dynamic gameplay and preserve diversity.

Context of Other Nations’ Sub-Trees

  • France: BeNeLux sub-tree.
  • Sweden: Scandinavian and Northern Europe sub-tree.
  • Italy: Hungarian, Romanian, or other Mediterranean nations like Greece.
  • Britain: Former Commonwealth sub-trees.
  • America: Canadian sub-trees, possibly South Korea.
  • Japan: Thai sub-tree.
  • Russia: Former Soviet sub-trees and allies.

Germany: Swiss and Austrian sub-tree.

Thank you for reading!




Why would you put Vampire and Venom in an Austrian line?


Austria used them, but they’re not necessary. I just posted everything that could be added to give multiple options. :)


Yeah, if every other TT gets an extra sub-tree and a work like this.


I mean it is possible. Everyone could get a sub tree besides Israel. I’m not sure what the US’s would be.

Yeah, no. They dont need any of that as that still have a lots of their own stuff that still can be added. They dont need vehicles from different nation. They should have never got Moderna and Praga M53/59


Ahah. no.

UK or independent for Canada.


Reason 1 is wrong… just flat-out wrong. 2A7V, 2A5PSO, 2PL, and of course 2A5 itself not in other tech trees. It’s primarily 2A4 and 2A6, and that’s really it.

Reason 2 is half-wrong, the incorrect portion is “weakest”, that still goes to Italy.

3 is correct, and is a universal problem of all 10 tech trees. I agree.

Ru-251 is not overlooked by the devs, but rather by the players, it’s a 7.7 tank at 7.3, and there’s a strong 7.7 lineup for it.
I have no comment on Kugelblitz.

Germany already has Mig-21MF for a Mirage III equivalent, not needed.
Sea Hawk Mk100 is already in the game.
Typhoons are likely this year.
SK105 is already in the game.
Austrian air vehicles wouldn’t add anything, and you suggest copy-paste; I agree with some of the ground vehicles though.

All your aircraft suggestions wouldn’t be gap fillers for F-4F ICE to Typhoon though.
Typhoon’s coming sooner than anyone expects, especially since Gaijin is bringing Su-27SM and F-15C MSIPs already.


Philippine maybe?

I’ve seen SK proposed.

Well the US doesn’t need it it’s probably the best option bar a United Korea tree.

No Canada or Australia should go to the US. What else would. The UK has Indian.

What does SK mean

I’d rather have an AUS subtree to UK.


South Korea


south korea

SK would just be a copy paste.


South Korea

or technically also a Slovakia, but 99% of people use SK for south Korea

Please, add Unimog technical, thanks

that thing 100% flips over if you shoot to the side

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