Profile icon reward for Sword of Justice event changed?

Hey guys, does anyone know why the profile icon reward was slightly changed? On the forums it’s still the same, however the devblog shows another story.



Afaik, the one shown on the devblog is more recent. The main difference is the F16s and the exploding JH-7A being removed in favor of the Shamsher (which does fit the theme more, but the original design was so much better).


then why they use F-16 instead of Jaguar IS at first

Not sure, but the pilot doesn’t even remotely look Indian. The profile icon might have been something they either:
1.) Had saved up from before and were intending to use it elsewhere or
2.) Had it generated via AI in a hurry (and retouched later to account for the jet discrepancy)

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this is an example of using AI technology recklessly to mess things up,the theme has been modified, but the cockpit is still F16


Bring Taiwanese F-16 back!!!

The only other reason i can think of besides that is a political motive. Chinese players must not have liked seeing a JH-7A careening through the sky while 2 F16s gleefully soar past the fiery wreck.


It is obvious that it was shot down by Chinese players on the forum and exploded into pieces

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yes, no one wants similar things to happen to their country, whether it’s Americans, Russians, or other regions


It’s just a picture

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It not made by AI

of course

Its a game about… let me see here… war? If you don’t want to see your vehicles being destroyed, tough shit I guess, you picked the wrong game then.

no matter whether people accept it or not, there will always be some people who don’t like it. And the intense reaction of Chinese players is not just because of a single painting, but because of Gaijin’s long-standing attitude towards Chinese vehicles,Almost all Chinese vehicles performed completely behind other vehicles at the beginning of joining the game, and only improved after many updates. And some data was completely copied from the Soviet Union and Then reduce some values
For example
The issues submitted by players are completely ignored
There is no reason not to believe that Gaijin is using their Russian thinking to discriminate against Chinese vehicles

And gaijin earns a large amount of money from a large number of Chinese players every year, while Chinese vehicles can only gain an uncompetitive position in the game

This is the main reason for their anger
however, after this incident, many people believed that Chinese players were only dissatisfied with a painting, and then labeled it with terms such as nationalism and Axis powers


You mean something like this?

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  1. Gaijin claims that they will not release sensitive content about the current situation. It is obvious that this painting violates their statement and can easily evoke associations

  2. That portrait is just a trigger. Chinese players are essentially expressing their dissatisfaction with Gaijin’s long-term bad attitude, not just feeling angry about a painting

  3. The painting you provided is from a long time ago and has indeed happened. They also made a portrait of Mig being shot down

you can read this paragraph carefully


Spare me the China suffers rant. They have a thing against every foreign vehicle, they’ll half-ass every implementation that doesn’t affect Russian vehicles, its not limited solely to Chinese creations. I will admit that you had an unruly consultant which you got rid of, but that was quite a while ago now.

So… the same as literally every other nation that isn’t Russia?

Again, this isn’t an isolated case. Its widespread. Stop acting as if they’re targeting China deliberately, because they aren’t.

No, you threw a hissy fit and complained about perfectly good art because it just so happened to be one of your vehicles that was getting destroyed. Americans, not even the RUSSIAN devs would give a rats ass if it were one of their own vehicles.

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this is an information cocoon issue, and many people are not aware of it,most Chinese players do not use this forum,but rather tieba, and the isolated environment creates an illusion

I’m just explaining my opinion on this matter.
To be honest, I don’t care who was shot down in that painting,I didn’t complain
but what can be certain is that this gives people an opportunity to vent their frustrations

perhaps it’s just not visible here. There are red necked groups in the United States, and I can always see their intense emotional expressions elsewhere. And Russians also have this kind of group. Have you seen the Russian speaking community strongly opposing Ukraine’s accession to the Soviet tree?make it difficult for Ukrainian vehicles to join the game, even old-fashioned ones

I almost forgot about this, which makes it easier for people to imagine those conspiracy theories


Dont use these WW2 or early Cold War themed image which added in the game 10 years before to say it’s usual to add politics-related image in modern theme
For these backgrounds added in recent years, in M1A2 background, it’s included a destroyed ZTZ96 (or 99 maybe?) and Chaparral with a damaged Su-25, but Ukarine have not receive Chaparral but Taiwan have bought Abrams

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that’s not very important. The focus is not on the portrait, but on the snail inventing and creating defective vehicles,It is common for vehicles in portraits to destroy each other

Used to common in backgrounds, but never seen on avaters before