Problems with the F4F Phantom


Good afternoon dear Players and Gajin team,

There is a very unpleasant problem with 1 variant of the Phantom and that is the German F4F Phantom from the German tech tree

I noticed that the F4F is 11.0 in the simulator and therefore has to fight against F16, Mig29, Netz and so on as well as against 12.0 and 12.3. All other variants such as the American F4E, the British Phantom FGR.2, the Japanese F4EJ and the Israeli Kurnass all have radar-guided air-to-air missiles, plus the Kurnass and the American F4E have a much better arsenal against ground targets in the form of 6x Mavericks, GBU’s and Walleyes where the German F4F can only carry 2 Mavericks and no radar guided air to air missiles so I would like to know:

Why is the F4F in air battle simulator in the higher simulator with less ground armament and missing air-to-air missiles and the F4E, for example, with the necessary load against ground targets and radar-guided missiles in the lower simulator where there are no MIG29s and F16s?

No it does not, just go in EC8-1 or EC8-2 and you’ll be facing the same aircraft the other Phantoms face, and if you’re going to make that argument, the F-4J (UK) is worse than the FGR.2 and is at a higher BR (11.3) than it.