Problem With Selling Su-25BM and CT-CV 105HP

So, I have completed all 10 tasks for ground and air. I have uppraded the both coupons to be tradable. But it says i need to wait 23 days. I really dont want to wait that long just to sell those vehicles. Can it be that it will become tradable after the event ends automatically or do I really have to wait for 23 days. If that was the case with the last winter event too just let me know. I really wanna know when will it become tradable.

No everyone has to wait the 23days before they can sell them, you dont have to worry about them swammping the market before you are able to sell yours, everyone can sell them at the same time.

It is something of a grace period for everyone to think about what they want to do it with or, for people that missed playing days to be able to buy the missions stars themself if they decided to do that

It says on the event post β€œPrizes received in the form of tradable coupons will be available for trading on the market from September 1st, 2023.” its not 23 days to september the 1st so why do we have to wait 23 days?

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Thank you man i think i missed that part or forgot it. Thank you for reminding me❀️. ILL SELL THOSE IN 3 DAYS!!!

i think you might have slightly misunderstood, gaijin is making us wait 23 days even though the event post seems to suggest otherwise, im asking why we have to wait as well, not pointing out that we can actually sell them earlier