Problem with Gepard too overpowered in Air RB map

There is really a problem with the Gepards that are in the convoys, they one shot you at 11km or kill you in the middle of a dogfight, it’s becoming more and more common and annoying, nobody plays these convoys and they are useless, it becomes urgent that gaijin delete them altogether because apart from annoying you these anti air are of no use on RB maps


Been a major issue in ASB as well, we’ve had these OP SPAA for about 3 times longer than they’ve been ARB and they just wont fix them. Convoys and bases have been the bane for top tier SB players for well over a year. Enter their field of fire, which I think is about 3-4km, and you die.

it’s a mistake on their part, we see how much they don’t play their game and have less and less desire to work on it and develop things, the game starts to die since a few updates because of the team currently in place which gives the impression of no longer wanting to continue on War Thunder, I think that if they no longer have this flame deep inside them, they should renew their team with new developers who are really interested in the game. I died 4 times in a row by a Gepard at 11km in ARB and it’s not normal

Yeah, we had hope back in a May with nerfs to the AA from convoys and battlefields in SB, but the convoys have been un-nerfed. No one, and I mean no one, asked for stronger SPAA in SB, or especially not in ARB. Im not sure why they made that decision. Its fundamentally ruined CAS in SB, and even A2A gets badly affected.

What ? We speak about ARB why do you say spawn in tank, it’s not the subject

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Isn’t this fun gameplay though? It really improves the experience.

Yeah same thing, and some shot 11km away

One of best joke ever I seen in recently.

Yeah same thing I have with my Tornado and exactly the same map

Sinai is horrible with field aa.
I was the last against one enemy (he was at af) and only had to destroy 5-6 ground units to win the battle by tickets.
Guess what…the Gepard killed me before i can reach the battlefield… lol

Golan heights the same…last dogfight to win the battle and field aa crippled me completely.

Today, dogfight against 2 SU-25 and a ZSU 37-2 kill me with her first shot, really op and stupid