Prinze eugen with its new BR


It defies all logic to witness the Prinz Eugen and the Admiral Hipper anchored at 5.7 Battle Rating. Such a decision is not merely ill-advised but borders on sheer folly. These formidable vessels, with their formidable armaments and robust armor, reign supreme on the battlefield, rendering any opposition futile.

Consider the plight of the destroyers, valiant though they may be. Against the towering might of the Prinz Eugen and the Admiral Hipper, they stand as little more than fragile playthings, their torpedoes and cannons mere pinpricks against the enemy’s bulwark.

And what of the coastal vessels? These humble craft, designed for the shallows, find themselves utterly outmatched against the behemoths of the sea. Their meager guns and thin armor offer scant protection against the onslaught unleashed by the German heavy cruisers.

Even among their peers, the heavy cruisers of similar Battle Rating, the Prinz Eugen and the Admiral Hipper emerge as undisputed champions. Their firepower, armor, and maneuverability outclassing any competition, leaving them without equal on the seas.

It is high time for a recalibration, a correction of this egregious oversight. These vessels belong in the higher echelons of the naval hierarchy, at 6.0 where they can engage in battles befitting their stature.

Furthermore, if, by some inexplicable decree, they are to remain at 5.7, then the matchmaking algorithms must be swiftly adjusted. The current spread of +1.0 is an insult to balance, an affront to fairness. It must be reduced to a more reasonable 0.4, ensuring battles are fought on a level playing field where skill, not arbitrary advantage, determines the outcome.


What, they were 5.7 for years until recently when the BR changes thrown them to 6.0 and now they got back to 5.7 cause they are far from 6.0 material. Even a bloody Moffet just oneshots Eugen as its extremely easy to ammorack it. Also at 6.0, Eugens play exclusively in 7.0 matches where the BBs are just oneshotting them as soon as they spawn.


Maybe its time to rework all the matchmaking uptier for naval ?
I havent saw since a while moffet ammo racking prinze.

They were good at 6.0.

About the uptier in general, 1.0 got a HUGE gape in it.
It would be perfect and bring more players if its in 0.4 cause they will not face off many things that they will oblerated them.
Just an exemple… 3.7 vs 4.7.
5.0 vs 6.0. And so on !


…Comparing the overpowered cream of the crop destroyer at 5.0 to the overpowered cream of the crop cruiser at 6.0 is a bit deceptive, no? Let’s compare Eugen to some of France’s offerings at that those ratings LOL

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France have nothing. And then you have things like Brooklyn/Fargo/Helena that totally outperforms Eugen. Comparable to Eugen is Zara class.

Moffett is 0.7 Br lower, it should not be used as a measure.

They really werent. Generally 6.0s outclass eugen by having larger salvos and faster reloads.

The rework of crew member and armor is too much effective.
Everything is papper now.

Eugen is ruining 4.7 battles now …

another AI written post

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Again, it is pointless to compare ships 1.0 BR and two weight classes apart. Other 5.7s are generally evenly matched with eugen, if that wasnt the case you could argue about BR change.

Other ships are most certainly not balanced with the Admiral Hipper Class.

Hippers have more armour, the fastest reload rate of any 8 inch gun at 5.7 (unless theres a US autloader ive forgotten) and without a ready rack too so its consistent.

They also have the best 8 inch AP round.

Even compare it with Zara, she has a displacement 7000 tonnes more and not for no reason its because her armour is better overall.

Don’t even get me started comparing it with the British and French heavy cruisers.

Everyone likes to point out that the Hipper is easy to ammorack but fail to mention half the ships at 5.7 dont have the penetration to do it.

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Ok. What you fail to consider is the fragility of the Hipper class in game. A Moffet can easily shred a Hipper class and so can most ships. The Hipper class was atrocious at 6.0 and you had no chance against Battleships. Should they fight 4.7 destroyers? No. But they shouldn’t fight 7.0 battleships either. The Hipper Class at 5.7 is more balanced than it is at 6.0.


I would take any 6 incher from US or GB before Eugen. I honestly prefer Belfast to Eugen. Cause yes,even the bloody Belfast have no issue oneshotting Eugens.

Bro, the Admiral Hipper class is one of the easiest Heavy Cruisers in game to kill. Any destroyer with Special Commons can kill it via the forward magazine. It is almost as easy as killing a Somers/Porter class Destroyer. They don’t fit at 6.0 or above because of aforementioned GLARING weakness to low caliber destroyer cannons, let alone 6+inch shells. What needs to be done is the decompression of the tree so space can be given to all ships. The Admiral Hipper compared to say an Atlanta isn’t even a fair fight and the Atlanta is a Light Cruiser at 5.3 with destroyer guns. Making the Admiral Hipper class face Battleships and Battlecruisers at 7.0 is even more egregious than the Hipper facing 4.7 destroyers.

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You cannot penetrate the frontal weakspot with British 6-inch cruisers above 7km and 6km+ it is iffy.

You can pen the upper deck and get the ammo elevator but not the barbettes reliably and the armoured deck/TB protects the ammunition storage.

The same is true of British 8 inch guns.

If Moffet can, you can too. And my Belfast experience says you can magazine detonate it even at 12 km.

5.7 ships that can reliably do it:

All japanese
All italian
All german
All russian
One british

Now what we are left with is sap users so britain and usa that cannot usually detonate it but they can absolutely maul it with constant barrage.

Eugen is one of the best 5.7s but all the other (maybe aside norfolk) can defeat it in fair fight. Now, when compared to 6.0s eugen is way below all of them.

The 5in Special Common’s for US destroyer’s can pretty easily detonate the forward magazine. Maybe not at longer ranges, but it can be done quite easily as well. Don’t know about the British ships though.

4.7, 5.0 and 5.3 can ?
I want to see agano, french DD doing this…

Some 5.3s can too. Again, at 5.0 and 4.7 you are not expected to be competetive against 5.7. Agano is the worst 5.3 that only benefits from good torps and recon plane. French destroyers are at 4.7…

so, that not normal to face off eugen

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