Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop

Anyone else, who’s game crashes, tried switching to ULQ to see what happens or can you try ULQ?

I just noticed my client is still only on the Ultra HQ ground Models (93GB Client). I went through Minimal to Full and have now not progressed to the Full Ultra HQ client as I haven’t had a crash since Jan 1st.

What client is everyone else using?

I put back graphics at MAX and no problem in the test drive with a tank… until I clicked to get back to hangar and the game crashed.

Same issue at MEDIUM graphic settings : game crashes at the very end of a tank battle when returning to the hangar.

Even with ULQ graphics the game just crashed at the end of the battle.

That’s that theory done with at least!

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I must say I had a single crash while playing in naval ULQ. And I made enough battles to complete the 45000 points for the task.

that’s an actuall progress. I havent experienced any crash after I’ve done everything listed in here. So did my friends

It seems my troubles came from the Razer cortex software. I just removed it and I could play with HIGH graphics for 2 battles without any crash.

Just be careful with commands, and bare in mind that some ‘fixes’ may just be coincidental, and interpreted as actual fixes.

Good stuff though, just be mindful of some not being knowledgeable or able enough to do a quick format to fix things.

yeah I forgot about mentioning to make a quick recovery point

I disabled DLSS, enabled VSync and bumped up a couple of graphics settings. That seems to have solved the problem on my end, at least for now.

There’s a lot of variables in this that has resolved this issue for some but not others. Be good to actually get a fix for all from the Snail!!

I’m still CTD free since Jan 1st 2024.

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DLSS was already off for me. Vsync was blocked by nvidia reflex, but I disabled that and enabled vsync. Will see if it helps; thanks for the suggestion.

Haven’t had any crashes since the above post 10 days ago. Maybe that’s got it fixed? So it’s either vsync, or nvidia reflex itself.

Will report back if I hit any crashes with this config…

Most probably not related but had a crash on launcher start, not had any errors for a long while now.

Crash ID a71156ee7e if any snails are interested…

Spoke too soon, GRB - CTD after taking out a tank I didn’t die or anything rejoined to a burning tank.

Maybe the above launcher crash is related.

And As I type this another CTD whilst in my plane . What is now going on?

Yes, this is happening to me non-stop. 1/3 times when dying in air combat and going back to queue, the game crashes to desktop. This is maddening and has gone on forever. I’ve adjusted just about everything, reinstalled, cleared cache over and over. I have dialed down graphics to the point of absurdity. Who is addressing this? I am done buying anything until this is fixed as it’s damn near unplayable!!!

FWIW it’s been over a month since I made the change to disable Nvidia Reflex and enable Vsync, and I haven’t seen a crash since. If you’re still hitting the issue, try making those changes?

Still, it would be good if the Snail could ultimately fix?

What do you think @KnightoftheAbyss any news for the player\customer base? Been over a year since I first reported this issue.

The original support request is below

Game CTD, twice in the last 5 days, 3 times now.

This has been happening to me as well when I go to the map I get booted. I’m on a new system. My kick to the desktop always happens after I go to open the map. Has anyone heard about a fix yet?