Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop

So after really diving into this issue because it was really bothering me I noticed it was only happening to high end NVIDIA GPU owners. After look through what many people said fixed the issue. I’ve boiled it down to a NVIDIA REFLEX setting being turned on. Turn off Reflex in graphic settings and throw VSYNC on and I haven’t had a problem since. Thank me later! Snail… Fix your reflex… its causing your high end systems to CTD


All good, except I’ve got Radeon GPU (6900 XT), and this is happening to me.

Reflex alone didn’t fix it for me, but turning on vsync and turning off reflex fixed it. i didn’t try vsync alone

I’ve started noticing HEAVY hangs when I open my map. Just really big hangs for like a second or so.

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I cannot play any air RB or play CAS in ground battles at the moment. Any time I try to do anything plane related or test drive a vehicle my game crashes immediately. I’m playing on a macbook pro, which I know isn’t optimal, but it has plenty ram/storage and I’ve never had an issue. Please help

Try clearing the cache folder, as well as maybe clearing out the compiledShaders folder.

This is after verifying the game files in the launcher.

No immediate help to offer but, it’s worth logging a support request via the official Gaijin support site for this

Gaijin support for WT

Problem is it will always come back as a client error, so support won’t be able to do jack.

Much appreciated ill look into making a report but i doubt anything will be done abt it, shit like this happens after every major update. Give it a couple weeks and itll be ok hopefully. gonna be getting an actual gaming computer hopefully at some point

PC is definitely the way. Windows 11 is actually really impressive now.

if yall have any recommendations for a pc/display that isnt too expensive im all ears lol. i dont know shit abt this

pcpartpicker is your best bet, and display isn’t that important. I just use a 34inch TV for mine.

Also logicalincrements is another site that can help in your selections.

I do know that support helps where they can, they helped a WT user I told to do X to resolve, a simple fix. I also told them to log with support. Support told them to do the same actions as I. Yes, a few days later but they still helped.

It only takes 10 mins to register and log a case, costs nothing apart from your time.

It also helps with WT development - if only 1 out of 100 log the same issue (multiply this up for WT playerbase) not much effort is put in to resolve. If all 100 log the same issue it gets looked at quicker, not fixed I add…lol

Take the support case I opened, 45 WT players have ticked the I have the same issue. On line yesterday 180k…only a very small number of people can be bothered to log a case - for anything - rather do own googling and resolution, perhaps.

Quicker result’s for sure but no stats etc for the product support etc being used.

Maybe there are only 45 players affected by the press M for map CTD…I seriously doubt it though.

Thing is, they’re handing you the form fed response advice, to fix your client.

Do you mean they have said to me its my PC that is the issue?
Not sure if I’ve understood you correctly?

Pretty much… It’s a client issue, and it’s something to track down the problem and fix it.

Hence it is only 45 of you having this issue.

I’m going to somewhat disagree with you here on both of your points.

I’ve never been told that it’s my PC causing the issue with the WT client, the problem has been acknowledged and is hard to reproduce. Read into that, that a fix is won’t be coming anytime soon nor that any more time or effort will be put into finding one.

For only 45 reports - as I said in my previous post , you can’t count that number as real world stats to work with. Yes, it’s what the number says but we all know that what I’ve said about the amount of forum contributors, support or otherwise is only ever a small minority of any product user base.

A forum I use for Video editing 4 registered users and 200 guests currently on line - only 4 allowed to post.

Looking at the WT support issues raised, sampled a random 10 pages across the first 30 or so pages and the majority had 0 user affected and only 2 had more than 3 users affected 19 and 35 users affected.

There is a only a small percentage of the WT player base that’s actively contributing to the support forum, even the main forum come to that.

I don’t think it’s what the casual user does, contribute to forums or look at support sites for reference.

The PC etc has made us all lazy, it now makes my wrist ache if I have to write, with a pen, for any length of time. I get annoyed at having to multiple mouse click to check out. We now all want fewer clicks\pages to check to buy our stuff.


Man, the amount of people who lump the issues to the game, report bugs that are client issues and ignore the fixes provided due to everyone else having done things isn’t uncommon…

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Just hit this again for the first time since fixing it previously. I’d disabled Vsync a few days ago (since vsync causes problems when playing in VR). Have re-enabled vsync and will keep an eye out.

Never did get a crash with Nvidia Reflex off and Vsync on, only ever with vsync off.

I’ve had this issue right now after the latest update, after maybe a few months of never having this issue at all on the previous update.

So to get a few things out of the way: Ryzen 5 5600, RX6600, 32GB RAM. No Nvidia Reflex for me, like some mentioned that it may be the cause. I got the WTRTI overlay and for recording - these weren’t causing any issues last patch so I doubt they are the cause now (plus even before this I wasn’t using either and still having these problems).

This is what my settings look like:

With the exception of Vsync which I’ve now turned on due to Hielor’s advice.

So after doing that and clearing cache, I’ll see if it happens again.