Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop

Is anyone else suffering from this, in Air RB 30% of the time I press M for Map the game CTD. No log files or any files that Gaijin want are created.
Getting I bit crazy with it now as it’s always near to end when I need the map to reach home base and I absently forget about the issue and press M…

Created a case with Gaijin Support but I’m not too sure what’s going on with the support case as I haven’t had a Gaijin update on it for an age.

Here’s the case I opened, took me a while to recognise the correlation between M and the CTD.

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Has anyone reached-out to you about this yet? It’s been happening to me since La Royale and I am about ready to stop playing until they fix it. Then again, I still have more BPass to grind. I’m at wits end, clearing cache, updating and reupdating drivers, etc, nothing works!

I, like you, am only ever crashing whilst in a plane, btw. If that helps!

You didn’t mention if you’d verified your game files in the launcher, which is literally the first thing to actually do…

I’ve done that several times, I just didn’t mention it. I went through the whole shebang multiple times for several of the times that it’s happened as, it’s ruining the gameplay for me I was more than happy to do it all, but, it’s still happening.

I end up formatting my machine every so often for no reason whatsoever, on a whim…

It could be something to ultimately consider if it is such a tricky issue.

Especially if it’s been happening since La Royale, that’s a long while to avoid using the map.

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I’d be wondering why no-one has asked more about the EAC error coming up, and whether or not you are running anything that has an overlay, like discord, or running the game through steam…

EAC is saying it can’t write, and googling that says about the antivirus, so that could need repairing of the service, or exempting from the antivirus if you run one.

Easy Anti Cheat gives no issues, and I’m not getting an error of any type, it’s almost as if I just Alt+F4 out. I wasn’t running Discord, and even when I do I don’t use the overlay, and I am also running no other programs with overlays.

I will look into updating my antivirus and see what’s the deal with EAC potentially being the issue. I’ll close my antivirus and see if it does it, that’s a good idea; I haven’t tried that one yet

Not sure if this is related or not, but the other week I was in an EC game and every time I pressed M my game froze for 5 seconds or so before returning to normal.

OPs issue report has EAC errors in it ;)

But yea, totally something to check, if you ever do need to repair the service, you go into the game folder with the game closed, go into the EAC folder, right click the setup, run as admin, and in there ‘repair service’.

Also always exempt the game folder.

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Copy that! Yeah, I totally assumed you were meaning me… To be honest, I’m so deep into this rabbit hole it’s hard to see the problem as existing outside my own little sphere of pain; my bad, Man… Cool, I will do that process. Thank you!

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Hi, no not really, had a couple of comments early on then nothing - given up updating the Gaijin case I created and CBA now.

Which i’m sure this is not the feeling they are wanting but brick walls and that.

Yes, I ran through an exhaustive list of requirements\checks I was sent from “KnightoftheAbyss” to even removing all video drivers in safe mode etc. Nothing tangible (couple out of date intel drivers) was even remotely wrong with my 3 month old brand new PC…thankfully.

No more errors have appeared with EAC either.

But the game does now CTD when in a plane in GRB now - not all the time but more often than I’d like.

It’s a mad panic to restart the game and hopefully re join the game an hop back into my now pilotless plane - not always the case mind.


Just a random, if you go to your http://YourComputersIP:8111 there is a browser based minmap in there which I have used on my tablet in the past that may help you avoid the crash and give you the map…

Not a fix, but ‘something’.

I hear that! Especially when you are playing with a friend and they tell you “Come back quick, you’re gonna crash! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you crashed… Haha, the enemy team is telling you to go get flying lessons” or something like that… And I haven’t even made it past the loading screen…

@FlyingDoctor yes, know about this - have used in the past will have to try it out again for sure.

@HotSnow50 I don’t even have to press M now, CTD is pretty random and now also happens as the results end of match screen appears - it’s all getting a bit much tbh

But it’s just my time is wasted and another death at times.

@KnightoftheAbyss This is still happening, press M and game CTD, even at the end of any battle the game sometimes CTD just before the end reward screen appears.

Is there anything being done to rectify this?

Game now crashes on startup, noice.

I’d already have the USB stick ready with the windows installer on it…

Yes, I’m ready for the reset and reinstall but to face that amount of upheaval I’ve got to be in the right frame of mind as my OS isn’t on it’s own drive. Even if it was, nearly everything hooks into the OS in some shape or form.

And if it doesn’t resolve. I’m more upset with the lack of response from Gaijin about all this - as I’m far from being alone in this.

It’s just it really sounds like a client issue, and more importantly, a user machine issue.

I lean to formatting, because I’m an old tech, and the solution to many issues we had was to slap a new harddrive in to avoid formatting the clients machine, and put a new install on the machine, test and if it didn’t happen again, then it was likely the install.

Whilst there will be reports of others having these issues, it could easily be them having the same situation, but not the same cause ‘exactly’.

NAS are awesome things if you’ve got access to one or an old machine to just make one for storage and backup making things a lot easier.

I just bought a couple of 32 gig USBs for like 10 bucks or something as I’m even lining up to clear out some machines for people.

I’d definitely be looking at the overlays that some have mentioned on reddit, maybe disable some/close them prior to starting the game if you have any running. Discord, Steam, any recording software.