Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop

No CTD’s since Jan 1st for me…

Maybe the next update will bring some?

I am happy to report that I have not experienced this crash in at least a month when before I would get at least 1 crash per playing session. I have not changed any vid settings nor have I ever used DLSS, I think it may be due to one of the patches released some time in December somehow fixing the issue for me.

Still no CTD’s for me since Jan 1st, hopefully that’s the end of the 7 mths of pain!

Just had this happen again (twice in one match), so it’s definitely not fixed.

Well, I just had a launcher failure on opening - -no CTD as WT didn’t even open. I got a crash report too 473a291527. Not a CTD so not sure if can classed as a similar fault?

However been playing a fair amount - seeing if I can get the free BP Breda - not had a CTD since Jan 1st…

Both a friend and I are encountering similar issues. I crash when opening the map, he crashes after death, both in air battles.

What are the most promising fixes I can try due to Gaijin not caring about this issue?

I just crashed after my teammates destroyed 2 planes that were chasing me, i wanted to go to the airway open up the map and boom, crashed. Really annoying.

Seems to be inconsistent and no doubt why it’s hard to resolve and pin down a cause but mark the above support request that I raised 7 months ago.

If it’s any consolation I struggled with this for 6 months, annoying as it was I never lost the will to continue nor did it enrage me to punch my screen - I just found a challenge in trying log back into hopefully recover my plane before it either crashed or was sniped by some vulture looking for a free kill.

I’ve been CTD free since Jan 1st - maybe we all should start a circle of “CTD anonymous” where we can talk about our issues and what we want from our experiences to hopefully help not just ourselves but others too.
It’s a dark feeling to know that even the game War Thunder doesn’t love you in return!

Even my wife laughed at my sad eyes when I last announced “it’s happened again” all she could muster was a smirky “whut!!”

So I tried some solutions after doing tons of research. Before I would be CTD at least three times a session, but after the fixes Ive tried I haven’t crashed once since.

List of fixes I tried in the order I tried them:

  • Uninstalled the Gaijin Launcher alongside the game
  • Re-installed the game using the Steam Version
  • Launch the game using the “eac_wt_mlauncher.exe” as a shortcut on my desktop.

(This allows me to use steam while being able to launcht the game with my original Gaijin account.)

  • Unplugged all connected controllers to my PC when playing the game.

Doing all of this has prevented crashing completely when I would get crashed at least three times a day, if not more, due to dying or opening the map while in Air Battles of any kind.

DISCLAIMER: These fixes may not work for you, but I felt I should share what (seems) to work for me as of now. At the end of the day, this issue is impacting enough players where Gaijin should at the very least attempt to communicate with the affected players, and fix the issue as players have been reported losing boosters and have had other inconveniences.

Hope this helps, will respond to this thread if I get another CTD.

Sounds like you’ve gone above and beyond to fix this issue - hopefully you’re CTD free thus far.

Me, I did absolutely nothing as it’s not pointing to a PC issue for me, rather a WT client issue.

I’m still CTD free since Jan 1st.

I’m still hitting this regularly. I just crashed twice in one match.

Be interesting to know what triggers these random CTD’s - but then it’ll be fixed lol.

Have you added your +1 to the below at all?

Yep, I clicked the button on that support request.

Just had this happen in ground–game ended while I was in a plane, game crashed.

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Thanks for clicking, hopefully it all helps in getting a resolution.

I’m still CTD free since Jan 1st, but i’m not resting on my laurels just yet…

I’ve noticed this happening when pressing M and moving my mouse. CTD way too often. Also, getting weird hills or ponds on the maps in GRB. The bugs are worse than ever before these days.

masive packet losses are not solved for eu servers and eu players, i comented this on game chat and they banned me i play WT for 10 years but last 2 months is unplayable due to packet losses, they wont fix it and they let a lot of hackers to get in…

Yes, bots are a thing a the moment, though I’ve yet to recognise one, they seem to be everywhere but maybe my critcal eye is failing?

I’ve not played much this week, wife’s in hospital, 4 fractured vertebrae L1 - L4, massive swelling haematomas all round the area from coming of her horse whilst show jumping 6 days ago. No neurological problems - thankfully.
Doing as well as can be expected, but its going to be a long recovery for her.

Still, I’ve been CTD free since Jan 1st so it’s not all bad!

Now off to rearrange our bedroom so a hospital bed can be put next to our bed, as she should be coming home in the next few days 😅

Is this resolved for most now?

I’ve still not had a CTD reoccurrence since Jan 1st.

No far from it as players are still commenting on the support case I opened here

@EggSquared want to copy\post your recent post on the support case here?