Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop


Had a few more CTD at the end of matches and pressing M CTD’s, annoying as I then loose the screen recordings too.

The latest patch today fixes some bugs…

Other Fixes

  • A bug that could cause the game to crash when going into camera view in a helicopter while in a battle replay has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the game to crash when dropping bombs from an aircraft has been fixed.

None that I have personally seen though.

This is still happening to me in the latest patch today. I have entirely disabled nvidia overlay and shadowplay, no help.

It does not happen in air sim in VR, nor does it happen if I’m streaming the game to another computer via Steam’s remote connect feature.

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Now that’s interesting.

I still get several crashes per day. Opening the map or matching ending seems to be the most-common cause.

I’m now getting crashes right away after I click on the shortcut to open WT, click then pause and get the crash report send reopen pop up, 5f4db84571 today’s crash report ID didn’t get one for yesterday.
Re click the shortcut after sending crash report and WT starts up fine.

This is a new development, for me, alongside the multiple end of match CTD and press M CTD I keep getting.

Think I’ll try a uninstall and re download of all the game files see how that works out for me.

Just had enough of the CDT today, literally every game today CDT. Saved my config and deleted the whole of the Warthunder folder and whatever it contains.

Re downloading the minimal version now and will see how that goes.

Downloaded the minimal client - started had a click around, didn’t feel like playing tbh, then exited the game. Low and behold the client crashed on exit.

I’m not hopeful!!

Downloading the full client now.

Yeah I’ve had these same issues for like the past 3 months opening the map or switching to another tab out of the game seem to cause the most amount of crashes but sometimes it will just randomely crash on it’s own. It’s pretty frustrating and idk why it hasn’t been
fixed it yet

Played a few games with just the full client, thinking Hmmm maybe that’s all it was…err no just pressed M for map in AirRB and CTD, though this time got a stutter effect, the game hung for a sec map flashed on off for a couple secs the CTD. re opened and managed to get back in my no pilotless plane.

Oh well, don’t know why Gaijin can’t reach out to some of us with these issues to try and resolve.

Can imagine for those on the forum with this CTD issue there must be many more out there not on the forums with this CTD issue.

Same issue here, and after doing a quick google, and experiencing myself aswell, this was an issue, ALSO after a major update, about a year ago.

So this is not a new bug folks, keep that in mind.

Its really frustrating, and i litteraly do not play war thunder at the moment, because of this issue.

Like others have stated already, it doesn’t just happen when opening the map, it also tends to happen when pressing escape, aswell as, sometimes just randomly out of nowhere.

I really hope gaijin can fix this, and i think they can, because again a year ago, they fixed this bug aswell.

Thanks in advance gaijn.

Since you can’t edit replies on this forum, i will add one more thing to this:

It also t ends to happen alot, when you crash your plane into the ground.

You can test this yourself in the test drive, usually once every 10 crashes aft er taking off, is a game crash.

Yes, I’m losing my patience now but every cloud and all that…

DCS Word 2.9 update dropped and thats changed DCS in 4k for me - totally awesome IMO.

I believe the issue doesn’t happen just from pressing M but just from playing the game. My computer freezes/BSOD’s as soon as I just get to play the game. As far as I know, it happens in Tank RB where EasyAntiCheat runs.

Yea… i am gonna go back to dcs aswell.
Earlier today, an f5 managed to jam my radar, by using flares… like what?!
Checked the replay, and he really only had flares, and i am so over this extremely unrealistic nonsense, on top of all the bugs.

For me WT is now becoming a PITA with the constant crashes, pity really.

Made some WT and other content on my youtube channel

I’ve not played as much WT over the last 2 weeks and the games I’ve played I’ve not experienced any CTD’s or other anomalies.

Only time will tell…