Press M For Map and game crashes to desktop

I agree its a client issue - localised to only me? I’m not so sure as many others are citing similar if not the same issues.

As for a rebuild, the PC is not old, maybe 4 months old, new custom professional (not by me and my previous 2080TI FTW pc was built by the same so I have some faith in their workings) build and this is the only app, program that is exhibiting instability as this.

Having also been in the IT industry for 20 years and resolved many software issues alongside the vendors negating a rebuild - though this is the favoured approach - reimage get the user working whilst us in 3rd 4th line resolve the issue with the vendor.

I’m a bit the same with my PC, with no buy in from Gaijin I’m reluctant to waste up to 2 days (yes 1 hour to factory reset as it were but the programs and configs etc and getting everything back to how I like it takes the time) rebuilding my PC for something that hasn’t even been confirmed by Gajin as a fix - and ultimately will fix in the short term but how long until I start experiencing the same happenings?

I agree - If other programs where having random unexplained CTD then yes I would start again.

I’ve tried stopping the few apps I use, Nvidia, sound software etc and running the game same thing happens with WT, random CTD’s.

Annoying as it is - it’s keeping me from spending any cash on WT so for this I’m happy!

Thanks also for taking time out to rationalise a fix and and an approach for me resolve, far more than the silent snail has done - apart from sending me an exhausting list of checks to do in the hope of me looking and saying CBA with all that…

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Nice to see you did try and stop those apps and check again.

I’d dualboot it and chuck some crazy linux distro on it and check out the native version (Pretty sure it’s still going). xD

Alt tab’d out of game - not in match, to go do something less boring instead and another random crash.
Got a code this time …2ab32bcad0 - for the files that I sent - hope it helps.

No definately not just you this has started to happen to me too, same thing at the end of air rb battles just CTD no errors or anything. never had a problem until last mini patch actually. have uninstalled and reinstalled just now, will check EAC and make sure firewalls allowing it but its annoying the hell out of me too :S

It’s sure needs resolving too!

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Another CTD just before the results. 618f53d8f5 is the generated code. Least logs are now being created…

Need more codes ;) (That one didn’t hit in google)

Strazza is someone I talked to yesterday rofl ;)

Yes FlyingDoctor i believe you did, i tried several things verified files, reinstalled, EAC checked even rolled back GPU drivers still crashing today seems to be only when you die in Air either Air RB or when you die in Aircraft in Ground RB

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I had the same issue and managed to somehow resolved it. I originally had it installed on Steam so I uninstalled and then went on Gaijin to download the client from there. This time I selected Full Client install instead of Ultra HQ aircraft (I only play Air RB). I did not select WIP client or EAC options and I made sure my firewall was allowing WT on private network. I’ve been playing for 3 hours MP and no crashes yet. Hopefully it helps someone out there.

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Has this improved any I’m wondering - been away a few days, game updated itself and I don’t seem to be experiencing any CTD or random crashes now. Only played a few matches mind and away for the next week or so now so can’t try much more.

I do not believe so. Just started to happen to me. I’m a little suspicious about shadowplay potentially being part of this, which is alt+m for me. Would be interested if there are AMD users with this issue.

This is still happening to me very regularly in Air AB, RB, and air assault.

When I die, about a 50% chance the game will crash. Opening the map is about a 25% chance the game will crash. When the game ends, about 50% chance it will crash. In most cases no report is generated, it just crashes to desktop.

It doesn’t seem to happen in simulator battles, although I play those in VR so maybe that’s the difference. I haven’t tried the other modes in VR.

I’ve cleared the cache, fully reinstalled drivers, checked game files (I play via Steam), and reinstalled the game. I do not have any mods installed, nor do I have any of the HD DLCs installed.

I have not yet tried installing via the Gaijin launcher instead of Steam, but that’s the next step I guess.

I have also been getting this issue since the last major patch, I only play Air RB and it seems to happen randomly during the last-ish half of the match when opening the map (I use the map a lot in the latter half of the game hunting for the last remaining players) it seems during this time there is a random chance that opening the map will crash the game to desktop. I also sometimes experience the game crashing in the battle ending screen as its about to go back to hangar.

Played a few matches yesterday - got the CTD after dying in GRB tank once - didn’t take a plane out in these matches so didn’t have to press M but I should think the same random CTD after pressing will occur.

I did get a reply to my Gaijin support Ticket

Requesting me to not to update the ticket anymore as the dev’s have all they need but as yet they are unable to reproduce the fault.

Not being able to reproduce is going to make this difficult to resolve I don’t doubt.

Someone mentioned Nvidia Shadow play - I use this and wonder if anyone else is using Shadow play and is affected by random CTDs both after pressing M and at various times in matches?

CTD in ARB crash report generated this time, didn’t even press M just CTD mid match, all very frustrating!

A fairly disruptive WT day yesterday, 3 random CTD mid match or near the end CTD’s and one press M and returned straight to desktop episode.

Just 2 CTD in quick succession, with log files, crash reports this time. Then nothing for rest of day and evening - at the few times I fired up WT.
3438d69252 11:20 10/11/2023 CTD as match end credits GRB in Air
6125e43200 11:29 10/11/2023 CTD as match end credits GRB in Air

I get 2 - 3 CTD per day, but only when the match ends or when pressing “M” or “J”. Games and software can be complicated, but it’s inexcusable that Gaijin hasn’t implemented any error reporting into the Windows event log so it’s literally impossible to know what is causing the issue.


Do you use Nvidia shadowplay at all? Some think it may be linked to the problem

I do not use Shadowplay or any overlay except Steam.