"Premium talismans" to convert regular vehicles into premium vehicles

He finally made some arguments, if you can call them that… It might indeed discourage the sale of premium vehicles, but Gaijin won’t make less money. It seems you’re close to getting the point.

it will give F2P players a cheaper option so more players will be able to/willing to spend money.
i do agree that increasing the disparity is a bad thing, but this specifically doesn’t in my personal opinion change anything in terms of gameplay and is purely about progression. Which is at such a high disparity already that this addition wont really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Premium vehicles will then be bought for the vehicle itself/the tier skipping and not the economical bonus as a primary purpose, i think the sales over all will be MORE than it is now and will cost Gaijin almost nothing to implement compared to developing an entire vehicle with all the costs that entails.
They will with a very high likelihood make more money of something like this than loose money.

why would people buy less GE? VERY few people who buy GE do it for SL conversion. and the “premium talisman” would obviously cost GE to obtain.

Yes, this was one of my refutations of the OP’s… assumption/rational.

Yes, only the collectors who gottahaveeverything would bother to buy premiums if you could just slap a premium buff on any TT vehicle. Or they would have to make them even more OP(er).

They would do it for the progression buff. Just like wallet warriors do already.

how do you propose it changes gameplay?

not really, you still have the tier-skipping which is a huge draw for many of the buyers. I think this would be more about pricing than anything else. you could easily price it at a range where sales are optimized (which is Gaijins goal anyway). The decrease in sales of premium vehicles could very easily be covered (and then some) by the revenue from a new talisman.
They obviously wont do it if it isn’t profitable, but they will if it is. So then they will just price it to be NET profitable, it’s a non issue.

and that is a problem because?

I’d like to add something at this point: this won’t make the game more P2W. It’s an exaggeration since having more SL doesn’t mean you’ll perform better in matches.In any case, people will buy fewer premium vehicles, which are often (exaggeratedly) labeled as P2W for their minimal benefits: the increased chipping of the L1 L/44 vs 1A5, IP armor vs TAM TT, or the wooden log on the back of the 2A4, or the extra armor of the Raam Segol, to name a few examples.The P2W argument seems exaggerated and unfounded to me.

It was the OP’s claim that it changes gameplay not mine.

If Gaijin thought it was more profitable, they would have done this many years ago.

That whole disparity between FTP and PTW thing remember. Do you really want to encourage the Snail ruthlessly manipulating the game to monetize off players?

I have seen no such claim from them?

They might not have thought of the idea. They already have talismans, they might not have thought of additions in that department.
It’s not like they have in any way shape or form publicly denied an idea of this form.

i do not mind pay to progress, there is no “pay to win”, this addition (as i’ve stated previously):

There is no valid reason to think that the more money you invest in the game, the better results you’ll have in your matches… This is a completely irrational reasoning from the perspective of War Thunder, if you’ve ever played it.

Each vehicle/player is subjected to a Battle Rating (BR), so faster progression won’t give you better vehicles, as you’re always limited to a certain battle range. Premium benefits only help to avoid hours of grinding. Premium talismans would bring more overall balance by providing more options for players who prefer to reduce grinding time, leading to more varied matches. Premium vehicles are the main drivers of Silver Lions (SL) because currently a tech tree vehicle + talisman offers the same amount of Research Points (RP) as a premium.

Gaijin should offer SL Talismans, as they would make more money and we would have better quality matches, not games full of prototypes where half the players leave within five minutes.

I suggested this on the RU forum more than 2 years ago. The proposal received enough votes and was moved to the “community approved” subsection.
If this has not yet been implemented in the game, then it is not profitable for the Gaijin. Even at a price of 10,000 gold eagles for a “silver” talisman for rank 7.
It is very sad


thank you for sharing, it’s a shame it’s not happening yet.

Last sentence in their original post.

LOL. Bless your heart.


can you think of at least one example?

does not mention gameplay.

prove me wrong.

It blames not having enough premiums on why people don’t stay in games.

SAV 20.12.48

that isn’t about gameplay. that’s more akin to uneven matchmaking.

Isn’t available for purchase anymore.
also, arguably not really better than other tank destroyers at its BR but i’m not going to into depth on that here.

I strongly advocate for this right here. I really think Gaijin should allow players to purchase a Research Point and Silver Lion Talisman in-game because while some of the premium jets they sell are interesting the jet itself many times is not something I would personally play. I hope a Dev see’s this and forwards it

I agree with you, people often complain about the “wallet warriors,” but without them, there would be no game. The problem is that these “wallet warriors” have their options limited only to “premium” content, and moreover, in the BRs I like to play (8.7 and above), this content is concentrated in specific BRs: 9/9.3, 10/10.3, and 11/11.3.