Premium Ju-288 (Germany)

I purchased and have been flying the Ju-288 for some time. It is the only bomber in the game I ever had any success with. As everyone knows, a bomber is nothing else but an easy target for the opposing team. This one was different. It was fast. You could bomb a base and be back to airfield by the time other team entered into play. You could get 3 bomb runs per game. Gagin nerfed the speed, put overheat on engines and all you do now is keep running away from the enemy or get shot down by AAA through out the map you are playing. Has anyone else noticed this or am I the only one?

Just climb and you should be fine. Its speed is even better at altitude, and it overheats slower.

Way to ensure you get two pissed off fighters on your team and six pissed off fighters on theirs.

Imho you should read this thread:

You find later some input regarding all of the open and hidden nerfs of the Ju 288 - not need for repeating them.