Pre-orders: Type 90B “Fuji” and Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol

Taken from the store page: Gaijin.Net Store - Type 90B "Fuji" Pack


So gaijin didn’t have the balls to make a devblog about Ukrainian T80UD going to russia TT?

Why did you announce all other preorders except that one?

It’s the USSR (Soviet) tech tree.
They probably didn’t announce it because it is not a pre-order. It’s a golden eagle vehicle.

It’s not a preorder (but a GE vehicle) and neither an Ukranian tank.


that sucks :( i wanted the merkava 3 to be tech tree vehicle but gaijin so money hungry

We’ll get other Mk.3D variants I’m sure, hopefully harkill aps one soon

can we expect another tank tier 7 premium or is this all of it?

Why ? Why do i have to spend 70 dollar for the camouflage and the decal ? They should have been available for free ! What happened to the 3D decoration as a pre-order bonus ?

This decal and camo was asked by the community for many years, and especially the camo should be available to all SDF AFVs not just the Type 90 !

This camouflage is also painted on Type 96 WAPC and Type 74, making it a time limited exclusive camo to Type 90 meaning you can’t use it on other vehicles !

Beside, this seriously can’t be the only thing we are getting for Japan’s ground forces ? A 70 dollar copy-paste tank ? I have no need for a premium tank since i have everything in the japanese ground meaning there is nothing for us to look forward to in this patch ? Not even a single low or mid tier tanks despite countless suggestions are made ?

I can understand the limited amount of modern vehicles left, but when it comes to rank 1 - rank 3 there are plenty to choose from ! Honestly, this update is very dissapointed for anyone that mains Japan.


One more thing about the Type 90 ‘‘Fuji’’ , what a weird name to call it. You won’t find this specific type 90 by putting ‘‘Fuji’’ behind it !

Why not call it with the unit this tank belongs to ? Additionally, The serial numbers and unit markings also don’t exist ? Even Type 16 FPS has them written both in front and rear of the vehicle.
You can do better than that ! At the very least, the camo nets actually covered more area of the turret than the tiny pieces found on the Type 16 FPS lol

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I 2nd this. The premium is great as it will boost my 11.0 line up and I appreciate it, but they are for new players or people who want to speed grind. However, as someone who mains Japan and completed the tech tree, the only reason to buy it is because i like the tank, but not because i need it. I hope this isn’t the only vehicle for the ground force this update for the Japan mains. A Type 60 with 4x recoilless rifles or even the JGSDF M8 Greyhound would help a lot. Or Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Everyone else always gets more than 1 vehicle each update/from events too. There are aircrafts too add but since this for ground, I won’t mention them.


I got a new name for the update, Wallet Strike !

This update is incredibly heavy on the premium side and i don’t like it at all…


How about before you throw out another Israel premium you show some commitment to finishing the line!!! It’s pathetic I wish I could get a refund on the other premiums, hopefully nobody buys this tank!

What if you wanted a decal but gaijin said “preorder bonus”

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That’s it

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How about you add Merkava 3D to the tech tree first?

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what did you want? as long as target audience will continue to buy top premiums in such quantities, this will not stop.

What did i want ? I don’t know maybe something that doesn’t cost 70 euro.

But as you said, some players would buy anything even if it is just a tech tree tank with different camo, and that is why this greed will never ends.


You did not even checked the list, right?

More than 40 vehicles (new, updated, new cockpits), 7 premium.
Fact, that we are showing pre-orders first (obviously, they are pre-orders, there is no sense to post pre-order devblog 1 day before Major Update) doesn’t means that this update is “heavy on premium”.

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New cockpits or updated are synonymous with new vehicles, logically. What’s next - an option adjustment will be sold to us as an innovation? 7 premium vehicles all for over 70 cash. And most of them just Copy & Paste tanks with new Camo or “exclusive Camo”. Greedy as hell but hey someone will buy it, im sure.

Honestly? The TT reskins are the best premiums. Allows me to play the TT tank and see if I like it, then get a version that makes extra money and RP if I do…

Instead of locking a unique playstyle behind the wallet.