JGSDF M8 Greyhound

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In the 1950s the US saw a need to rearm Japan as a counter to the Soviet threat in the East. The US supplied a number of armored vehicles; most famously the M24 and M4A3, but also supplied a limited number of M8 Greyhounds. In 1950/1951 the US began supplying Japan with M8 Greyhounds and M20 Armored Cars as a starting point for a new Japanese armored force with over 100 units planned for delivery. However with advent of the Korean war and the South Korean forces in desperate need of armored vehicles, most of these M8s were transferred to Korea. During the Korean war, the poor performance of the M8 against even T-34s was proven to be unsatisfactory, so Japan decided to opt out of replacing the number of vehicles that went to Korea. These saw limited use as parts supply was hard to acquire and served into the 1960s where they were slowly phased out service by the Type 60 APC and Type 61 MBT until all service ended in 1967. Even though the M8 saw a limited service life in the Japanese NPR/JGSDF it is still an important part of the early history of those fighting forces.



  • Crew: 4
  • Armor: RHA
    Hull: 19mm front, 9mm sides, 5mm rear
    Turret: 19mm all around


  • Speed: 91kmh forward 13kmh reverse
  • Horsepower: 110hp
  • Weight: 7.9t


  • 37mm M6 (-10/+20)
    80 rounds
    M74B1 AP
    M51B1 APCBC


  • M1919A4 (-10/+20)
    1,500 rounds
  • M2 Browning (-10/+40)
    400 rounds

The M8 will perform identically to both the US and ROC M8 Greyhounds found in game. The M8 would provide a highly effective and speedy armored car to the Japanese tree which is long overdue.

戦後日本の戦車開発史―特車から90式戦車へ [林 磐男]




+1 would be a neat premium.

I really hope we get this, and that the US mains cry beautiful tears for another nation getting the M8 Greyhound as a TT vehicle


+1 Didn’t even know they had these! Your source also shows an early LVT(A)(5), which would also be good to see.

I have a pending suggestion on that too that I’m trying to get passed.