Pre-orders: Type 90B “Fuji” and Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol

We’re announcing two premiums that are available for pre-order from today: the Type 90B “Fuji” for Japan, and the Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol for Israel.

Meet the Type 90B “Fuji”

Type 90B tanks are deservedly considered one of the best vehicles in the Japanese ground forces tree. Firstly, this tank’s 120 mm gun has an auto loader, allowing you to fire rounds from the first-stage ammunition rack with a reload time of just 4 seconds! Secondly, this tank is very mobile and has unique hydro pneumatic suspension, giving it the ability to peek in and out from behind low objects or hills. The Type 90B “Fuji” is a special premium version of the Type 90, featuring the Third Company of the Fuji School Armored Instructor Regiment insignia.

Pre-order — Type 90B “Fuji” Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • Type 90B “Fuji” (Rank VII, Japan)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Golden tank” title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “The 1st Mechanized Battalion Insignia” decal
  • Pre-order bonus: 1st Mechanized Battalion, Evaluation Support Unit camouflage


Meet the Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol

The Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol is an experimental version of the Israeli Army’s Merkava Mk.3 main battle tank, featuring the Raam Segol. In real life, this system automatically turns the tank’s turret in the direction of the laser and releases smoke grenades automatically. However in game, we’ll not be implementing this functionality as in many instances, it would interfere with the player’s control mid-combat. In-game, the Raam Segol will warn about the direction from where a laser is and the player will be able to launch smoke grenades or maneuver away as normal. In addition, this tank features thermal imaging, an effective APFSDS shell and a HE-TF shell.

The Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol is a premium and is available for pre-order, giving you the unique “Purple Thunder” title, which is the translated name of Raam Segol, and a decal!

Pre-order — Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol (Rank VII, Israel)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Purple Thunder” title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Purple Thunder” decal



Doesn’t the Merkava Mk.3 Raam Segol have a hardkill APS?

No, in real life it just turned the turret to the threat and launched smoke in the direction of any Atgm being fired.

Nope. It does have MAWS tho

Welp, at least I can grind Israel now, at the cost of my arm and leg…


and left testicle


lost one of the little brother(

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Judging by the screenshots, the 3D model is still lacking, nearly 3 years after a bug report was made, and close to 6 years after the original Type 90 got added to the game

  • Pre-order bonus: 1st Mechanized Battalion, Evaluation Support Unit camouflage

Can we see a picture of that please?

Great, i was having quite fun with my new purchased Type-90’s and Gaijin decided to ruin it, cant wait to countless unexperienced players ruin Japan’s 11.0 Mm.

Also adding one of the best Merkava 3 models as premium is adding more salt to injury.

If the leak is right about the Canadian leopard and it comes to Germany I hope it isn’t a prem.

I expect it to be like the Challenger 2 OES, for GE

I just hope they fix the M735 shell already for Type 16(FPS).

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No historical camos locked behind pre-order, please. It’s lame as all get-out.

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You do know that’s a typo right?
Sagol is spelt with an A.

Make sure the report even exists on the bug report site. It’s possible after they changed the forum system the old bug report got simply lost.

All premium vehicles should come with all camouflage schemes unlocked and available for use immediately. Achieving the Mark of Distinction should grant the vehicles a special camouflage.


If it’s accepted then they do know about it, and the forum is still accessable so there’s no point in remaking old reports yet imho

The Raam Sagol is nice and all but what about some actual vehicles for Israel? Half (probably more) the vehicles in this update are premium, and Israel gets only one vehicle - also a premium.
Can you maybe add something that isn’t the laziest copy paste? Why should I even pay $70 for something that’s clearly just a very slightly downgraded Mark 3D when there isn’t even a lineup to play with it?

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more premiums for israel?? Stupid game