Pre-order: T-80U-E1


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wait this is not Oplot

I think export.

What made you think it was?

No, it was purely for domestic, IIRC parts of the plans to modernize the tank fleet.

No it was meant for export. Im 100% sure about that.

However it never sold so the Russians kept it.

Export in Russian is Экспорт, then T-80UE-1 would be T-80УЭ-1, which is not, it’s T-80УЕ-1 in Russian.
Same way for

No, the upgrade package was initially a way to just let T-80U’s keep longer in service, same for T-80UA, T-72/80BA.
Export T-80U’s were mostly T-80UM’s.
Russian tanks usually export in large numbers, T-80UE-1 existed in around 30 tanks made.

Where Oplot

Its not an Oplot. That would be marked T-84 not T-80.

Im still pretty sure it was designed for export bit did not sell. Thus the low production numbers.

Is the Update next week?

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I’m definitely going to buy the Leopard 2A4M Pack

The lack of LFP protection is a deal breaker for me.

Which means…?

Im not trying to start an argument with you.

What’s LFP protection?

Lower front plate. Eg the lower armor of the tank.
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