Pre-order: T-80U-E1

Pre-orders for the new T-80U-E1 Soviet premium that features a high-resolution thermal imager, are starting today!

T-80U-E1: A Premium MBT for the USSR at Rank VII


  • Very good frontal protection.
  • Great mobility.
  • GEN 2 thermal imager!
  • Anti-tank guided missiles.

Pre-order — T-80U-E1 Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • T-80U-E1 (Rank VII, USSR)
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Honour and glory" title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Flying tank” decal


Vehicle History

The Object 219AS-1 project appeared due to needs to improve T-80BV tanks. It involved improving the tank’s chassis to the level of the T-80U modification, as well as using the T-80UD modification’s fighting compartment with an improved sighting system, a Belarusian-made thermal imaging sight and a French Thales camera. The Object 219AS-1 successfully passed tests in 2003 and received the name T-80U-E1. The overhaul of early variants of the T-80 to the T-80U-E1 standard was carried out by Omsk Transport Engineering Plant.

Download Wallpaper:

Meet the T-80UE-1!

Today, we’re starting pre-orders for the T-80U-E1 — a premium variant of one of the best Soviet top-tier tanks, which features excellent armor, good mobility, a large selection of ammunition, and is also equipped with an advanced high-resolution thermal imager. Let’s take a look!

What type of T-80 variant is this? The T-80U-E1 derived from a program that aimed to modernize T-80BV tanks to the level of the T-80U series. An important difference of this particular modification was the GEN 2 “Plisa” thermal imaging sight with a French thermal camera. Thanks to this, the gunner has excellent visibility in any weather and at any time of the day, plus the ability to clearly distinguish enemy heat signatures over long distances!

The combined armor of the T-80U-E1 is further strengthened by Kontakt-5 ERA blocks integrated into it. This means that it not only can resist hits from HEAT shells and ATGMs, but can also resists hits from kinetic shells too. In fact from the front, the T-80U-E1 can only be penetrated by the most advanced armor-piercing shells into weakened areas such as the driver’s view port and around the gun mantlet.

Like all later T-80s, the T-80U-E1 combines the best driving characteristics of all Soviet and Russian tanks in the game. The improved gas turbine engine provides high power density, meaning this tank can accelerate quickly and maintains high speed, even on surfaces such as mud, sand and snow. The reverse speed, although better than the T-72 series, is clearly insufficient for reversing back quickly behind obstacles. Keep this drawback to Soviet tanks into account when playing, especially if you usually play tanks at this tier that have better reverse speeds.

Interesting: The T-80U-E1, like some other later modifications of the T-80, received the nickname “flying tank” in the press due to its spectacular ski jumps during displays and tank shows.

As with all T-80s, the main armament of the T-80U-E1 is the 125 mm cannon, which can fire one of the best high-tier rounds in the game, the 3BM46 APFSDS. This gun can also fire ATGMs from the barrel, specifically the 9M119M1 that has a tandem warhead, useful against moving targets at long distances, as well as against helicopters at a distance of up to 5 km. Lastly, the option to use HE rounds with a good explosive charge is available to use against lightly armored vehicles if needed!

That’s this blog done! Be sure to pre-order the T-80U-E1 to receive this tank as well as special pre-order bonuses. This tank will be available with the release of the next major update, coming soon. Until then, happy hunting!


Most unique premium Russian tank right there


they’ve slightly overdone the numbering, dont think we’re at 366 T-80 variants (yet)


I just wonder why this was needed


I guess we finally gave up pretending to not sell top tier premiums


Another T-80? Truly ground breaking stuff here


I thought this thing was supposed to have a 40°/s turret rotation speed?

Nvm, it has 28°/s, which would give it 40°/s when aced with a maxed crew, same as the T-90M, T-80BVM and T-72B3. Surprised they didn’t mention this in the article. The normal T-80U turret traverse is god awful.

Looks to me like a worse T-80UK? Diesel Engine with bad Reverse Speed vs the fast Gas Turbine in the T-80UK

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11.3 premiums are not new and the F-20 exists, they gave up long ago

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thank you gaijin for just not ruining us teams but also other big two.(Please next not gonna be french)

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It uses the same 1250hp engine, and on the store page it says -12km/h. Also it has gen 2 thermal, so I think it’s better than the UK.


You are right i could swear i have seen it yesterday on dev server with an Diesel Engine lol…

But still the UK is slightly better with +100HP

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Both uses same GTD-1250 engine, I think it’s because of the module upgrade…?

It has the 1250 HP engine, found on the T-80U, UK and BVM. It offers the tandem version of the gun launched ATGM and Gen 2 Gunner thermals over the U and UK. That’s pretty much it.

Yeah maybe but I dont have the relevant Upgrades on the UK and the UD should have all because of the Premium so idk. I guess its heavily WIP right now :D

It was just a normal T-80UD on the dev server until they just recently updated it, was probably a placeholder


Just why.

The more premiums you add to top tier, the more you contaminate it and leave it unplayable. It’s now impossible to play a proper game at any BR over 9.0


It had 884 horsepower engine on dev server yesterday, and no thermals lol


that number represents the unit it belongs to, not the quantity

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Thermals once again being a pay to win feature it seems, great.

Love all the hard work on the camo as well, really sets it apart.

This one isn’t even in the Russian tree.