Pre-order: MiG-21 Bison

This is just how to use a fighter in general - prioritize staying alive, launch missiles when a good opportunity presents itself, and blow through or extend away when the situation is unfavorable instead of overcommitting to a single target and promptly getting 3rd partied. This is how 95% of top aircraft work best, excluding perhaps the JAS-39s and F-16As.
The Bison will just do this quicker and closer than the Tornado, relying on agility, the HMS, and R-73s to get weapon solutions rather than sheer weapon superiority like the Tornado. Similarly, the extending away will be more reliant on bleeding the opponent’s energy through manuevers before accelerating away than simply having and keeping more speed like the Tornado.

Yeah. My biggest fear from it. I think it will ping RWR as M29. Which too date has meant “hostile that way”. If im in a Tornado Gr1 and I get pinged by “M29” and see what I think is a Mig-21. Im firing a fox 2 immediately.

Friendlies don’t appear on your RWR, this was fixed a while back and I’m pretty sure this carried onto Simulator as well. Just ping and ask if a friendly is ahead instead of slinging missiles on sight.

99% sure friendlies still show up on RWR in sim and they definitely should still show up. Them not showing up would be unrealistic.

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Well, I still get friendly RWR pings. It was only changed for RB not SB.

And only about 1/3 of players respond to a follow me ping.


Well that is weird since last time I played they were removed for friendlies when I was playing the Chinese F-16.

Tornado is faster in all respects to a mig21. Only reason mig21 has superior acceleration is because it uses the wrong data for its afterburner. Using emergency thrust that is not modeled on any other aircraft. Including the tornado. Devs have recently stated they may add this to other airframes. Including the tornado. Leveling the playing field

Yeah I’ve been told that since last year, but I am getting RWR pings on the runway still…

The Tornado is ass and the MiG-21 isn’t as ass, one can actually turn and the other can’t. My experience with all MiG-21 variants so far has been worthwhile and my most played MiG-21 is the J-7D which as proven to be a excellent platform.

There is virtually anything positive on the Tornado over the MiG-21 in the flight performance department and no, those flares and chaff wont save you from a R-73E.

That will be because Gaijin deliberately nerfs the Tornado FM and deliberately buffs the Mig-21. This is proven fact.

My experience fighting Mig-21s is that they are easy kills in the Sea Harrier FRS1 in Sim

Tornado F3 is faster, with twice as many missiles. Better missiles. 5x more CMs. Better radar and better RWR.

With the MASSIVE buffs its getting with the changes to Multipathing. Its about to become much much stronger. Maybe even 11.7 worthy. Especially if all the other bits on it get fixed/buffed.

BOL currently are weak vs all missiles because they are in a massively artificially nerfed state. They should be equal if not more effective at defeating incoming missiles than large calibre flares. This has been fully bug reported, but not yet fixed.


Multipath changes only apply to ARH missiles and flying low enough can still defeat those missiles.

My experience fighting Mig-21s is that they are easy kills in the Sea Harrier FRS1 in Sim

Simulator is heavily based off skill, I killed a MiG-29 in my Tornado yet the MiG-29 is superior in almost all ways.

changes to Multipathing are to all Radar homing missiles tho, Semi and Fully active

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Even after the update I still can’t use the MiG-21 preorder on dev server

Will the Bison get its 120 flares/chaff or are they gonna clown on it like the removed R77?

In reality, the Bison only has 60 countermeasures. Not 120, that’s why it was corrected. I think she will get the R77 later, together with F 16ADFs, F20 etc. Then when Eurofighter and co. come.

Since when did SARH missiles have their own independent radar?


I swear the Bison used the same 2x BVP-60-26 countermeasure pods as the mig-21-93 and so carried 120, I do although not have the Indian flight manual to back it up. I don’t think the Eurofighter is coming this year, and they wont add fox 3s to anything but the most grindy vehicles.

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Since Dataminers confirmed it was for all Radar guided missiles.

Then they need to word their messages better since it was pretty clearly said the 100m to 50m change would only effect missiles with a radar seeker.

Unless it was changed after the announcement

Wasnt even a change, it was like this from when they first implimented it 5 days ago. so yes it is a issue with how theyve explained it.

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Ok, nice. I find Pictures only with 2x30 one the Bison.