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Today, we’ll familiarize you with the ultimate version of the MiG-21 series that will soon be joining the skies of War Thunder. Meet the MiG-21 Bison, based on the MiG-21-93 upgrade and domestically upgraded by India, a ferocious new premium aircraft with a plethora of weaponry on offer!

MiG-21 Bison: A Premium Jet Fighter for Great Britain at Rank VIII


  • Wide array of air-to-air options: R-73 and R-27.
  • Modernized HUD and HMS for R-73.
  • Air-to-ground ordinance options.

Pre-order - MiG-21 Bison Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • MiG-21 Bison (Rank VIII, Great Britain)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Falcon Slayer" title
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “No. 51 Squadron IAF batch” decal


Vehicle History

In the early 1990s, Mikoyan and its partner companies launched an upgrade and modernization package for the MiG-21Bis with the aim of offering it to the many operators of the type over the world. Their aim was to prolong the service life of the aircraft against rapidly advancing newer types of aircraft coming along at the time and on competing offer.

Taking to the skies for the first time in 1995, the new 21-93 variant would see the integration of many modern features, such as R-73 and R-27. The latter made possible thanks to its upgraded pulse-doppler Kopyo radar developed from the Yak-141 / MiG-29 series of radar. A new canopy would be introduced, along with a modernized Heads-Up-Display and Helmet mounted sight to make full use of the R-73s capabilities.

India would officially pursue a contract in 1996, with the HAL company handling domestic modernization work after an initial batch of aircraft modified in Russia. India was already one of the largest operators of the type, having the MiG-21 in service since the 1960s across various types. The new upgrade was planned to take the type into the 21st century for the Indian Air Force. Known officially as the MiG-21UPG (For Upgrade) but later as the “Bison”. Internally the cockpit was also reworked to include HOTAS controls. New integrated countermeasures were installed along the wing roots on the upper surface, providing additional protection and survivability in combat.

The Indian Air Force plans to retire all MiG-21 Bison aircraft by 2025, replaced in service by the domestically developed HAL Tejas.

Meet the MiG-21 Bison!

Few families of vehicles need little introduction more than the MiG-21 series. From the early F-13 variant, to the staple MFs and rounding off with the Bis, multiple nations and many pilots have come to love and fear the Fishbed series in game. Joining the ranks of the British tree as a premium will be the ultimate version to grace the skies, sporting the features many of the most modern aircraft in the game have become renowned for. Much like South African vehicles, Indian vehicles will be introduced into the British tree. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect with the Bison!

Perhaps the most significant upgrade over the standard Bis models already in game comes in the form of its advanced weaponry. You can expect to see the familiar all-aspect advanced R-73 missile that some of the top jet fighters in game are currently equipped with. Couple this with the Helmet Mounted Sight and the Bison already stands up well against some of the better modern fighters in the game currently. Its upgraded Kopyo radar also means this MiG-21 can sport the R-27, making the Bison a formidable threat both in close range dogfights and at long range engagements too.

Under the hood, you’ll find the same R-25-300 engine powering the Bison, which is already a powerful engine that gives the airframe its famed performance. But it does mean the aircraft won’t get any flight performance boost over the Bis models. Defensively, an upgraded Tarang RWR suite and new integrated countermeasures found above the wings provides enhanced survivability over what many of the other MiG-21s offer. Meaning when you do find yourself on the wrong end of a missile lock, the Bison has a better chance of getting you through to the other side.

The MiG-21 Bison also features a number of air-to-ground options, many of which can be found on the Bis. Thanks to this, the Bison doesn’t sacrifice its multirole capabilities despite the numerous air-to-air upgrades. Unguided S-8 rockets, Mk.82 and Mk.83 bombs as well as the KAB-500KR TV Guided bomb mean you retain plenty of options to take the Bison out into combined battles and support your team from the skies. Plus, you’ll still retain the S-24 and S-5K Rockets, OFAB-100, ZB-500 and standard FAB-500 bombs from the MiG-21Bis in your arsenal.

In your matches by Scott, Community Manager: “The Bison will be a breath of fresh air compared to whats already available in the British tree. Compared to many of the sluggish missile carriers (with the exception of the Gripen of course), the Bison will provide an excellent agile fighter with a potent and dangerous combination of R-73s and a HMS to make best use of them. Whilst you do have some BVR punch, R-73s are going to form the core of your load-outs in the Bison. Make use of the excellent acceleration carried over from the MiG-21Bis and don’t find yourself making too many turns and bleeding too much speed. Hit and run tactics will work well for the Bison, getting into a fight, throwing off some R-73s at unsuspecting opponents at high angles and getting out of the fight quickly whilst making use of your extra countermeasures is the way to go.”

Very soon, you’ll be able to take to the skies in the Bison yourself and greatly speed up your progress in the British tree at the same time, since it’s a premium. This modernized icon will offer a taste of the top performance and advanced weaponry found in War Thunder. That’s it for now!


Lord have mercy on the poor souls that will buy this.


Can’t wait for the Su-30MKI, MiG-29UPG, MiG-29K, MiG-27, and several more Russian Vehicles in the British tech tree.


Wow Britain get 2nd subtree. Cool crap gaijin. Maybe a sub for US one day?

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The US doesn’t need one. It has plenty of vehicles that it used, it does not need a sub TT. Maybe a sub nation for SPAA, but not a sub TT.


We totally needed more copy paste.


Maybe not a full sub tree, but many nations stuff that could come to US as event prem squad or mixed into tt

This one is at least kinda unique and not just the SMT pasted across 4 different trees


Yeah. A sub nation/nations

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Could be worse

No, this has got some legit upgrades actually read the devbolg please

I meant it like “the copy paste of this vehicle could be worse“.

This is in the wrong TT.

Also, never take it into Sim. You’ll be constantly TKed by people identifying you as hostile as ALL mig-21s up to this point were redfor. I know i’ll fire if I see one in the Tornado.

But this addition is such a disapointment. So many great British aircraft passed over for a soviet bodge-job


Isn’t there iff? I see it in radar description

This might be my first mig-21 I buy. But I’m gonna definitely have to wait until it goes on sale. Or I come across a large sim of money, bc this is goofy expensive

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Not in an aircraft without a radar like the Tornado Gr1 or Harrier Gr7 that this thing will encounter all the time. Not too mention future airframes like the Tornado Gr4 and Harrier Gr9A


You are absolutely destroying your own game by adding such vehicles. A lot of people don’t see it yet, but in time, when this trend continues, a lot of people will understand and be terribly upset.


Hold up, no R77?

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wait is that Falcon Slayer title based on the 2019 Pakistan India standoff where a PAF F-16 shot down a Mig-21 and India claimed they shot down a F-16 with zero actual proof or evidence?


This has the EXACT same battlerating as the Sub-sonic Harrier Gr7 with the same number of iRCCM IR missiles. Im genuinely confused by its placement. But does this mean we can get the Harrier Gr7 down to 11.3 as its sub-sonic and doesnt have HMS?

Which is technically a bug. As it using emergency combat thrust. Something not model in game. But at least now other aircraft will get that in the future and level the playing field.

They wouldnt be sluggish if you replaced their placeholder flight model and actually added British aircraft to our TT

Until we get Harrier GR9A with 6x Aim-9M and HMS. Then it will be outclassed on our TT in every respect.

I thought it was a agile fighter but you’ll use the exact same tactics that you use on the faster, better armed and better equipped Tornado F3? Im confused