Potential Utility helicopter buff's

Basically, if we ever get ground ec or ec maps for ground rb. What could we potentially do with utility helicopters to make them better and more useful but not op.

1 possibility could be to have them as a moving resupply point. Refilling Ammo and possibly healing crew when they land. Creating an AOE like a cap point.
This could also be worth lets say 1/3-1/2 of a kill’s rp/sl for every tank they resupply to hopefully make it more of a support roll that can actually reward supporting your team.
Could also nerf/buff select helicopters by having a set amount they can resupply before needing to head back to a helipad.

Any of you have idea’s that could make helicopter’s more varied?


Could have the helicopters carry people that replace hurt or unconscious crew, and have the hurt crew go into the helicopter to be healed for some kind of reward.
Would probably work by having a tank and helicopter stationary near each other and wait for a timer

There was literally a suggestion made a few days back that was exactly this.

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lol, guess great minds think alike



Would allow earlier helos like drache, mi1, r4, r47 to be added too.

yes, we need tactical battles with such stuff (in general), but no, Gaijin forces a general TDM in most gamemodes