Potential inclusion of Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the French Tech tree

I would ask for a source about this but well…

I would scrounge up the sources but I can’t be bothered entertaining this conversation anymore.

Do tell what it is called then? And why this poster has the UVZ and Renault Trucks Defense logo on it but not any Serbian company?

Oh my bad. I’ve mistaken it with the Lazanski IFV. Tho I have to mention. The Atom has a mockup turret.

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split them into different trees depending on Era maybe?

I am French and I don’t want to have “Dutch” vehicles in my tree which is so unique. We have no connections with this country. I don’t want to have German equipment.

In France we still have a lot of vehicles that have not been added, we do not need another country to complete the tree


Yes and i want some Zuckerbrot.

I don’t see any sense in the Netherlands being added to France. There is just no proper link that both nations have.

If they really wanted to add something to France then do only Belgium. But if you look at the larger picture then adding Belgium to France destroys the whole BeNeLux idea. So unless they plan to add the Netherlands on their own somehow, then I wouldn’t add Belgium to France.

The BeNeLux as a standalone nation is one of a few really good remaining options for new nations.


The best option to keep the majority of people happy is to either split BeNeLux or make it an independent tech tree.

There’s far more to lose with all of BeNeLux going to just France and plenty of people are voicing their opinion against it.