Potential Chinese Ground Force Additions

I think side ERA doesn’t make a difference unless it is with something like the Zubr class since standard landing craft’s limitation is length and weight and not width. Normal landing craft should be one each anyway, but for things like the Zubr it has a 5 metre width so i don’t see how they can really fit more in.

So the middle one does not have body ERA?

Looks like it.

Would want the gatling gun version in game ngl

Imagine pulling up on the side of any tank with that, makes me cry ngl.

Does it have any APDS or APFSDS round?

It should do, but my only fright is they give it HY6 thanks to ‘lack of info’, it should be something similar to TY90, but since it is longer have further range.

Even TY90 should be good enough as its going to stay around 10.0 BR

I hope so, it does have a radar though so might be put to 10.3 to level with strela.

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Anyone know if its real?

Arnt china developing a new mbt

Probably not, look cursed.

It’s literally an MBT70, it does have the Abrams layout though. The gun is definately wrong.

They are in its this one:

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Looks weird, PLA normally keeps these things classified, why would they drive it on the road?

Heading to testing facilities and we’re talking about leaked images, PLA in general became more interesting to watchers and fans so ofc you will have some leakers.


Is it GL-6?

Yeah should be GL-6

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I know this might be slightly off topic, but is the HQ17A launch on the move capable? I saw a video of it running along and launching a missile.
Should be somewhere in the 军武零距离 program although I can’t find it.

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Yes it can fire on the move.

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