Potential accuracy nerf for SINAI map gepards?

On the Sinai air rb map, gepards typically spawn in convoys to protect them. This is a fine addition, but recently I have been killed multiple times by gepards with their pinpoint accuracy, while not attacking said convoys. This is annoying as it has cost me silver lions and also ruins my game experience.

in this particular clip, I have destroyed 3 enemy aircraft, and I

am focused on gaining distance between me and an enemy J29F to allow myself for a full 180 degree turn to reengage, and can not see the gepard in my vision. Although, eventually the gepard shoots me down with 1 burst, and no warning. I personally think this should be tweaked as its annoying for a player to have a fair and fun fight in an aircraft, while being watched by an all seeing and all knowing ai spaa that does not hesitate to bring you down with a 3 second burst,

(I may be silly saying this but I am interested to hear other peoples input.)

hell naw that was inhuman even i couldnt hit that in my gepard.

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haha, yeah its quite frustrating.

it is especially bad with the M247 since it doesnt have tracers and has proxy fuse shells