Posts now editable, congrats for toggling a flag

You’ve had hundreds of users actually lay out all the problems, are you serious right now? Why don’t Gaijin conduct a poll on user satisfaction with the new forum?


We did like an hour or so ago… so only requirement now is to log in to the forum for access to “Edit”

I didnt had to log in, it just appeared available.

Polls tend to be useless… since only a handful out of millions will take the poll… if it is a Game Matter, then we may see polls from in game or on the launcher tho

One thing that I think you should highlight in this new forum are the “keyboard shortcuts”, they can be really useful if people notice them.

That’s only a half truth. Most players don’t use the forums, but this ratio does not apply between frequent and non frequent forum members. Those who actually use the forum will want to have that poll.
If you want, add a statistic for how many of the frequent users answered the poll.

I only just noticed it my self… saw something there the other day but didnt take notice of it lol

Will pass on the suggestion tho

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(If you have the option to), why dont you start a poll ?

Well…forum started this week…and trust level reset. :)

From info below:
Get to trust level 2 by…

Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
Casting at least 1 like
Receiving at least 1 like
Replying to at least 3 different topics
Entering at least 20 topics
Reading at least 100 posts
Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts
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The point is for Gaijin to gather data about user opinions on the new forum. Any user-made poll or suggestion is immediately thrown out the window, so Gaijin can’t gather info that way. We also know the turnout will be different.

Honestly, suggesting the players do everything for Gaijin is just a lazy approach. We already did everything for Gaijin, and this week it just blatantly threw everything away, all the suggestions, documentation etc. So why should we do it again?

You actually no longer need to play the game to post on topics anymore. I quit a couple of months back and can post here, unlike on the OG.

Just be patience guys! new things or I shall say basic things will drop, just wait.

How does one check one’s trust level?

Go to your profile and click the big button that says “expand” it will show you your lvl

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Oh I see…
“Trust Level basic user”
So what “level” does one need to be to edit a post after 24 hours…

I thought basic could. If not, member.

I can edit my posts, for like 24 hours or something which is probably normal but what is annoying is I can’t edit it after that which matters when it comes to my recruitment thread: -TYO- The Young Offenders Recruitment: Open
I can’t update the recruitment thread, I can’t repost it as it would be spam, replying to my own thread isn’t really updating it properly.

In that case, member. Member is edit up to 30 days after.

For your thread, you could pm a mod and ask them to close the thread so you can make a new one. But member is easy to get and you should get it soon. Just interact with some other threads.
Here is link to the lvls and how to get them

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Cheers @markimash
Please mods, make editing of Squadron recruitment threads indefinite.
Especially as a fledgling Squadron our information i.e. numbers, requirements, etc. will change often.