-TYO- The Young Offenders Recruitment: Open

-TYO- The Young Offenders Recruitment Thread

Recruitment for The Young Offenders Squadron is now Open!
Currently 2 places available apply now!

Upgraded Squadron
New Zealand based but open to everyone.

Pre-requisites/requirements: Speak English, 43% Squadron Activity per 3 days for 20k Squadron EXP.

126/128 Members

Motto: “Fly high, Breathe deep!”
Discord: The Young Offenders

The Seven Virtues of -TYO-

Rectitude- right conduct, righteousness, justice, morality

Courage- the quality of a confident character not to be afraid or intimidated easily but without being incautious or inconsiderate.

Benevolence- good will, disposition to do good

Respect- respect is both given and received. We expect other people to respect us in return for the respect we show them.

Honesty- a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating or theft.

Honour- an abstract concept entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both the social standing and the self-evaluation of an individual or corporate body such as a family.

Loyalty- faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

We of The Young Offenders live and play by these virtues.
In doing so we reduce the amount of negativity and drama which affects the quality of life for us all.


can i get new discord link old one expired

Welcome aboard!

-TYO- is full but applications are still open!

3 spots available, apply now!

Only 2 slots open!

Best NZ based Gamer Squadron!

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All welcome!