Possible new top tier jets to this year

we are getting more and more new tier 8 stuff in game next to the tier 9 rank aviation, what left to come in that rank?
planes that might come

i am doing this list by my expectations and what left in each tech tree and what is more closer to come, but its not in the right order that will come to game, no previsions

the USA rank 8 that may left to add the F/A-18 hornet, AV-8B+with radar, AV-8B+ without radar, F-14D super tomcat, F-16C Block 52, F-15C (2004)
F-4F ice, tornado gr.4, typhoon tranche 1?
Su-33, su-27PU(early su-30), su-27SM1, mig-29M, mig-29K, su-24
Tornado adv F.3 late AOP (amrram susteinment programme), CF-18 hornet, tornado gr.4, typhoon tranche 1
tornado gr.4, typhoon tranche 1
J-15, J-16, J-10, mirage 2000F, F-ck-1
Rafale f1, rafale M
jas-39C, Jas-39D, Jas-39C+
F-15C, F-16C block 40
F-2, f-15J (MTDP)

my bet
march patch
su-33,J-15, f/a-18, upgraded CF-18 (UK) or tornado adv late with asraam, f-4F ice, tornado gr.4 (uk, ita, ger), su-24, jas-39C(sweeden)
aim-7P, asraam, python 4, aim-7MH and some air to ground stuff
aim-54C, in f-14B, will get smokeless engine that in real life was used and a better engine that was used in real life
june patch
early 90s fox3 missiles:
mica em/ir
aim-54C+ eccm(smokeless)
F-14D super tomcat, su-27PU(early su-30), J-16(china), upgraded cf-18 or the tornado adv late (UK), jas-39D(sweeden), F-16 blk40(israel), F-15J (MTDP-2004)

september patch
F-15C (2004), SU-27SM1, typhoon tranche 1(UK, ger, ita), rafale f1, jas-39C+, f-15C(israel), J-10

Hungary tech tree on italy
av8B+(usa), sea harrier fsr 2(uk)

Tier 9
early 2000 fox 3 missiles:
improved mica
improved derby
improved pl-12
japan AAM-4 bvraam
F/A-18E block 1, eurofighter tranche 2 (uk, ger, ITA), rafale M or Rafale F2, Mig-29M, Mitsubishi F-2, F-16i

possible corrections
aim7 bugs
tws screen lock bug
missile corrections
radar corrections

tell here what are your spectations, hopes and what the game will need


I’d really like to see the MiG-31 Foxhound make its debut in War Thunder this year.

No Gripen E? Also i can see the D variant being an event vehicle since gaijin usually makes the two seater planes as events vehicles

thats the british one, germany uses assta designation, ours being assta 3.1, but it would need ECM implementation to be any difference, so not realy likely, germany is desperately hoping for a trialed or switz plane to fill the gap since f4f ice is DOA

AIM 9L(I) desperately needed

Is that an aim 9L with the seeker from a M?

german developed seeker put on the aim 9l, basicaly the same as Aim 9M but without smokeless motor, i heard rumours about later models having smokeless motor, but you realy dont find much, even when the missle is in use by quite a few countries


Ah yes, the take that F-4F ICE, and by extension the F-18 as it’ll use the same radar & AMRAAMs, are DOA. A bad take.
F-4F ICE will be a meta AMRAAM carrier.

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I’ll reserve my opinion for when it actually comes to game
But Agile Eagle Phantoms already redline lower than most of 4th gens (M1.05 I think?)
You can only push 3rd gen airframe so much
Not to mention the turbojets instead of more modern turbofans plus the lack of 7th fuel cell on the German Phantoms giving it nice internal fuel load of less than 25 minutes!

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That is still faster than F-18.
Even if F-18 can carrier 6 more AMRAAMs than F-4F ICE for an even slower speed.
F-18 internal fuel is significantly less for weight savings, so it’s not much more than F-4 in time.

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I don’t think it has to do with weight savings
Still, newer technology engines in Hornet should give it slightly lower consumption even if it carries slightly less fuel

ehh i can guess what alvis is complaining about again, got him blocked and dont read his stuff anymore.
But the F4F ice just cant keep up in anything against the other aircrafts with multiple being way faster then it as well. IT will be DOA, it is forced to have at least AIm 9L(I), if its supposed to be able to do anything it would even IRIS-T but that wont happen. Even as a missle bus its worthless and to outdated missing crucial stuff like HMD,

There is a saying that describes F-4F ICE well

You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig

Edit: Sure, it will have good radar and good missiles, as you pointed out but flight performance will definitely leave something to be desired for.

Engineers: puts less priority on top speed.

Razervon the reliably wrong: its faster so it must be better

Did bit of reading
The only real changes (ones that would matter in WT) that ICE will bring are:

  • New radar - APG-65 (Already added in Italian AV-8B Plus)
  • New RWR - ALR-68(V)-2
  • Improved missiles - Hopefully AIM-9L/i1 (Should function as 9M but without smokeless motor) and AIM-120A
  • New cockpit maybe with digital HUD?

And that’s about it, nothing is referenced about upgraded countermeasure system or any other external changes apart from smokeless motors which F-4J and F-4S already should have in game.

you could argue about the possibility of iris t, because the HMD is lacking you cant do the over the shoulder shoots or easy targeting and the power will be reduced by quite a bit

I’m not sure it’ll be added just yet (if ever to be honest)
Though that is reminiscent of current F-4E situation where people are advocating for it to get AIM-9L but that would do it more harm than good IMO

Israel could also get the IAI Lavi. I doubt it due to it only being a prototype which wasn’t armed, but it’d be a nice addition.

Yep, Its basically gunna be like the Tornado F3. Might have a good radar, might have “good” flat line speed. Might even have good AAMs. Still not going to be a good fit in WT and probably gunna suck depending on what it has to fight against. Even the Sea Harrier FA2 might be better as it has a much better radar, Aim120Bs instead of As and better turn performance. Just gunna be slower.

Italy doesn’t have Tornado GR.4. Other Tornado variants it can get are MLU IDS (A-200C) and IT-ECR (EA-200B and MLU EA-200D) + an ealry (prototype/pre-serie) variant of IDS limited to AIM-9B and dumb bombs can be added at lower br.
Apart from Typhoon, Italian TT can get some Hungarian/Romanian fighters and while Gripen/LanceRs/Sniper require its own line, Romanian F-16AM can be added in a folder with Italian ADF. Or Italy can simply get an upgrade to its already represented planes, in a form of AIM-120 and AIM-9M (AIM-9L/I) for AV-8B+ and F-16ADF.

PS I’m honestly more interested in planes like AMX, Italian TT lacks ingenious jets and subsonic light attackers/advanced trainers in a form of Aermacchi and SIAI-Marchetti jets. Even Fiat G.82 for me is a better addition than any top tier.