[POLL] Thoughts and Opinions on South Korea and Thailand allocation

afaik only a few part of suggestion could show up in the game
so nothing is impossible

It doesn’t matter if Korean vehicles don’t appear in the independent tree. It’s okay if it’s not a subtree. It doesn’t matter whether the K2 comes out in the US or the Songun-ho Cheonma-ho tank comes out in the Soviet Union or China. But if it comes out, it has to be convincing enough to have additional equipment. There is no cultural or technological connection between Korea and Japan, so why go to Japan? Are you simply calling it a neighboring country? If Japan is poor as an independent tree, wouldn’t it be a good idea to combine it with China, its neighbor?


I’m speaking as a player who has reached the end of the Japan tree by air, land, and helicopter, but ranks 5, 6, and 7 of the Japan air tree are the least numerous among the 10 countries. There is a lack of aircraft diversity and CAS. On land, MBTs are not in short supply, but self-propelled artillery, light tanks, and anti-aircraft vehicles are in short supply. Also, it is Gaijin’s policy regarding the need to fill 5 lines in the TT, and Gaijin has repeatedly updated it accordingly.

North Korea would make sense in China but so does Pakistan and Bangladesh, however South Korea would not make sense at all.

An independent tree or an subtree is possible both ways but the hole issue is about it’s placement. As mentioned North Korea makes sense in the Chinese Tree but South Korea either fits in the US Tree (unnecessary), French Tree or Israeli Tree.

However i prefer an independent Tree because both would bring tons vehicles because they are both military powerhouses till this day, making them an subtree limits the amount vehicles in the Tree.


That’s why Thailand is an good addition for them.
They offer light, medium, Anti Air and CAS, they can also replace the F-16AJ with the F-16A 10/15 OCU.

This is some vehicles that they offer:


Indigenous design

R-600 APC AT(105-120mm) and AA, AFV420 AT and AA, DTI AAPC, First Win ALV.

Homemade modifications of foreign vehicles

F-5TH Super Tigris, F-5E Tiger II upgrade (Python- 3), M60A3 TIFCS and M41 Bulldog/Stingray

Vehicles not yet represented in-game

T-84 Oplot-T, BTR-3E1, BTR-3RK and Stingray, L-39, A-37, Alpha Jet A and V-150 90mm

Copy n Paste vehicles

F-16A 10/15 ADF/OCU
M113A2 TOW
M901A3 ITV


BTR-3E with CSE 90LP turret as well, I found it a few days ago while researching for Thai BTR-3E1.

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Complain to JSDF for the lack of the equipment


That’s why Gaijin is not adding 2a7 rn, and additionally, the Italian main tree can also have 2a8.


asylum for the inferiors

I honestly don’t even know what to say to that

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The best solution is to report it. I think it’s pointless to talk to someone who doesn’t follow the rules of discussion.


It is a literal replication of his logic; what he is saying is that because the (South) Korean tree is not valid enough to be added as a separate tree, it should be added as a subtree for the ‘weak’ Japanese main tree. However, if the Japanese tree is weak (that’s what he is saying rn) while the actual Korean equipment are plenty enough to form a separate tree, shouldn’t a ‘weak’ Japanese tree go under as a subtree of the Korean main tree?


That is the point of a subtree. Sweden, Italy or Britain could also be left behind, but that’s no fun in a video game.

I’d personally prefer a Thai subtree myself and understand the issues with a Korean subtree under Japan, especially because Korea seems like a fun unique nation in the future. But you seem to be implying Japan deserves no subtree at all. In a game where subtrees are, wether you like it or not, common place this option is absurd and detrimental to game balance.

I am starting to believe you might simply have a personal issue with Japan, which is no valid reasoning for the general discussion, unless you are specifically referring to a Korean subtree only.


I think adding Thai trees is the best option for Japan, and I would like to support it. If it is still insufficient, you can also add countries such as Indonesia. But I would like to see the Korean tree in any form in warthunder. I am worried that if the Korea subtree does not come to the Japan tree, there will be no place to add the Korea tree. A subtree of America and China, a unified Korea tree, and an independent Korea tree are also unrealistic when considering the balance. I think it would be difficult to implement the Korean tree without creating holes like those from the World War II era. I would like people here to discuss those solutions. Lastly, I am neither for nor against the addition of the Korean tree to Japan, but I would like the people discussing here to not get emotional and have constructive discussions.


If they really want to cry about “waaah muh colonialism”, then understand that this is a goddamned video game, you’re far from being oppresed, it’s something else if we force Ukrainian vehicle in RU tech tree, but the rest of Asia Pacific is practically buddy or at least chill with each other.

Well,Compared with the Chinese tree, the Korean tree(It may not appear\appear, who knows) will obviously"WEAKER". So why not put the Korean Sub-tree((It may not appear\appear, who knows) in Chinese line?Doesn’t South Korea now recognize DPRK?Since the good relationship between DPRK and China.;-)

The original poster and advocates have continuously argued about the Korean subtree since the start of the year, or further like a few years ago. I have no beef with the Japanese possessing the subtree that is geopolitically connected, if it is fair to have a Thai tree, they can have it. However, what I’m trying to say here is that the OG poster lit said

’ I still think that South Koreans that are angry about their tech going to Japan should just put that hatred down and move on, like with the rest of the world.’

The reason that Koreans oppose the subtree issue is that Korean equipment is strong and unique enough to make an interesting tree while the writer simply denounces the people with an objection as politically triggered users which obviously blocks the productive discussion.


Weaker in what context? Starting from the WW2 equipment from the Korean War, both North and South have enough vehicles to form a reasonable and strong tech tree, and also possess geopolitically strong ties which makes them perfect factions to tie together and create a single main tree.


So that’s it…A full CaP-Tree from RU and US,Well done, another less interesting Israeli tree.LMAO

Do you have an intention to keep a productive and well-reasoned discussion? Bcz I don’t see any organized statements on your post.


Oh he have issue with Japan alright, he have ISSUES.

See he contracted a disease where he cant die and he sees Japan atrocities against Korea in whole, but can’t do anything about it because he’d be in Harbin if they knew he’s Immortal, so he bid his time and become an angry nationalist in War Thunder Forum™