Poll on the implementation of IR missiles based on the dev server changes to Aim 9M and R-73

A couple questions to gauge the general community concencus on the balancing of IR missiles and how effective they should be in War Thunder.

Should IRCCM or Flare resistance be added to IR missiles

  • Yes, they should receieve realistic and historical IRCCM/Flare Resistance
  • Soft Flare resistance is fine (toned down flare resistance that will not work on an attentive opponent.)
  • No IR missiles should be flare resistant whatsoever.

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How do you feel about the current balance of IR missiles in the game

  • They are too weak and in need of buffs
  • They are currently fine
  • They are currently too strong and in need of nerfs

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Feel free to add any additional input you have on the matter of IR missiles in the thread.