[Poll] Increase compensation of team kill to equal purchasing of plane shot down

To prevent unwanted team killing, increase the cost plus compensation to the value of the plane shot down, to be deducted form the attacker. There are ways to prevent the proposed idea from being abused.

At the moment the pilot who gets shot down only receives free repair and no compensation for his time in lobby and match.

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I don’t understand the expression “unwanted” teamkilling - this implies there are other forms of team kills like “wanted” to deny a kill for the enemy after being critted and unable to make it back to base - or “justified” team kills for objective or subjective wrong behaviour…

Imho a refund of activated boosters would help the victims much more.

Ofc there are smart guys finding ways to abuse that, so time and location limits for such a refund (to counter the classic team kill on the runway) need to be implemented too - and ofc squadded team kill victims (in case his killer is in the same squad) have to be excluded from a booster refund…


You are correct, but i did not want to go into to much detail, obviously potential exploits would have to be ironed out

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I think also increased penalty for the teamkiller such as the [ vehicle rank * vehicle max repair cost * 2 ] . At least that’s what i think is best.

Based on the current penalty system, you could teamkill 1 player and gain back losses in less than a game. (30k silver lion penalty harsh on lower ranks but very minor on rank 7 to rank 8 players). As one of the higher rank vehicle user, teamkilling is too common of a occurrence at high rank vehicle battles considering how high the stakes are at said battles.

Most teamkillers are intentionally teamkilling just for fun and intend to hurt the team’s ability to fight fairly, given that some teamkills ended up killing the teams’ top tier units periodically flown by experienced players. Some teamkillers would also purposefully taunt the team and the teamkilled.

Though there are outliers and exceptions assuming they apologize such new players figuring out missiles , misclick or some issues that would qualify under acceptable.

Having a forgiveness system for accidental teamkill such as( apology accepted then penalty just be vehicle max repair cost(rank 7 to rank 8 would cost around 11k to 20k).

Compensation of boosters should also be added. Especially when the booster is not refunded.

For research points, (vehicle rank * base 100 research point * ( booster percentage + original percentage )
For silver lions, (vehicle rank * base 400 silver lions * (booster percentage + original percentage )

Another thing that may help or replace the top part of my post is the initial 5 minutes of match start, teammates all get temporary protection from any form of teamkill similar to how arcade handle the issue. Therefore allowing players to live long enough to perform their role before dying to their own team’s teamkiller.

It would be nice to have good simple way of reporting these people ,that would be a start

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Mhm - yes from a convenience perspective (in-game reports are useless, server replay reports cost time).

But no from a technical perspective and seeing that the GMs do not act as they reported that have to rely on their auto-ban system. They said that the game itself has a function which counts damage on friendlies and provide temporary bans if this damage exceeds certain thresholds - so imho lowering this threshold would be the first step - flanked by significant fine and booster refunds…currently it seems that tk reports are useless…

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I would have put more but typing on the phone is hellish.

My point was that compensation should really be paid to the injured party but it has been said that it might be easy to scam by arranging accidents just like real life.One person intentionally transferring SL.

I have never seen a cheat on GRB but I have been rammed on first spawn by another team member in ARB ,really not sure why.

I have team killed in GRB occasionally mostly with artillery and CAS and I would like to think that the money I lost went to those that I killed as it would ease my embarrassment.It would be a nice gesture if a player could voluntarily top up a compensation payment as well. I am talking unintentional team kills in GRB.I know the OP is talking air.In respect to the OP I fail to understand why half the player base oppose the notion are they all team killers?

Some people don’t accept apology just because you caused them to die, even though in the heat of battle you both going for the same target and he jumps in front of you

I can see any point in being able to shoot your own teammate down in a mass dog fight .Bullets are flying everywhere.Save it for SIM.