Poll for the most OP aircraft

Which aircraft deserves to be moved up in BR the most in it’s current state?

Try to consider not the aircraft itself but the planes it currently faces and how overperforming it is against it’s foes.

The worst offenders
  • XP-50
  • SU-11
  • LA 200
  • Mig 21 SMT/MF
  • F-5C
  • F-16/ Mig-29/ F-14
  • Yak 38/M
  • A-10/su25
  • Ki-96
  • P 51C/F-6C
  • B/T-18

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Just to add some details about why each of these are on the list if not obvious enough.

  • XP-50 - space rocket which doesn’t need an airspawn and is a good turn fighter

  • SU-11 - energy monster having the performance of something like a 8.3 at 7.3

  • LA 200 - very fast for 7.7 and can maintain energy very well

  • Mig 21 SMT/MF - outclasses everything 10.0 and lower. very fast + agile, 4 r60s and flares

  • F-5C - also outclasses everything 10.0 and lower. will hold energy unlike the Mig 21 and so is unbeatable if flown well

  • F-16/ Mig-29/ F-14 - top dogs which are in a whole league of their own compared to anythign at 11.0-11.3

  • Yak 38/M - 4 r 60s vs a whole lot of planes which don’t get flares at 9.3

  • A-10/su25 - all aspect missiles which delete anything without flares if you don’t see them and run away in time.

  • Ki-96 - Japanese XP-50 but it’s 3.7, was once the fastest climbing prop in the game. may still be but I haven’t double checked. Hornet may beat it now.

  • P 51C/F-6C - energy kings with API-T belts at 3.7. if you can aim well you will do well in these

  • B/T-18 - 6 ton bomber with the flight model of a spitfire.

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Hi mate!

It looks like you missed the Wyvern at BR 4.0 in Air RB - imho the most op prop for the BR range. Flown to it’s strenghts it can decide matches and can remain unkillable for most of their 5.0 enemies due to the extremely high top speed at sea level.


IMO the P-51 H-5 should be on there. Its stupid good, and has almost no downsides.

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I voted MiG 21SMT/MF , however i’m sure it’s not this. i just took on account what it can get as an opponent.
I’m between SMT/MF and Su-11 to be honest. And that’s if we think a full uptier match…both of them have issues when you play against 1.0 BR over you opponents.
For example in SMT if you go against specific opponents like 23ML/MLA/MLD , 21BiS (same plane but better)and F-5E you will have a trouble even against inferior players. Similarly in Su-11 you don’t really want to see F-86A/MiG 15 and some other 8.3s.
On the other hand i’ve never felt that i can’t do anything at all in various combat scenarios in many games, while i haven’t played Su-11 but never really felt threatened by it in various matches having it as opponent but i have it in mind as a priority target the when i’m playing planes around the same BR. I’m not really objective.
Another thing is when you say 21SMT/MF, just add the F-8E in the same line… the only time i felt bad in the F-8E it was when top tier was 11.3, i haven’t played it that much, yet i played most of the games on it by that time.
About people voting A-10/Su-25…yeah… not really. They are beastly in down tier… yet in uptier the have literally nothing. Even in their own BR or less. All Aspect missiles are good when the opponent gets no CMs , yet if they have CMs it comes to performance. Even a good played A-4N has no trouble with them. Any F-5 won’t even sweat. SMT/MF/F-8E are in your ballpark and they don’t need missiles to kill you…As long as you can defend their missiles they are not much of an opponent. Worst case scenario it will end in a draw, you can always reposition when it doesn’t go your way.

I need to edit paragraphs ffs.

ah yes I should have put the wyvern in there but it’s not like it kills many people, just has the ability to end a match very quickly if 2 or 3 of them go mad for ground targets at the start and your team doesn’t go low at all which is rare. It is catchable in a shallow dive by any p51 though.

can’t edit it I’m afraid because new forum things…

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it is 6.3 though. just happens to face 5.3 a lot as it doesn’t get to face spitfires or early jets much. just the endless hoard of 288s

  • B/T-18 - 6 ton bomber with the flight model of a spitfire.

Don’t agree with this one. It definitely climbs well, and has sufficient firepower to drop down on and kill fighters who have lost all their energy climbing up to you, but if you get into a 1v1 battle with no energy advantage, its as vulnerable as any bomber. All the fighter has to do is avoid the head on (which is basically your only move if the fighter is too close for you to turn) and it’s effectively all over.

the xp-50 just needs to loose the airspawn, that’d already do a lot

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Ki-96 is an interesting choice, I’ve literally only ever seen 1 as a Japan main. It did alright, but nothing to write home about, and I’m pretty sure the guy was an experienced player. Also, there are quite a few aircraft that at least have the same or higher climb-rate on their stat cards, and the Hornet does go quite a bit faster in test flight. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ki-96 has been nerfed to the ground, since it’s a minor nation vehicle under the current Gaijin.

I think the likes of the G.55s and the 9.3 F-104’s deserve a honourable mention, as well as some of the 10.7 vehicles like the J35XS and the Sea Harrier, the G.55s need sno explanation, but the 10.7’s are stellar because of the matchmaker they get, and tend to find themselves with all of the bells and whistles as well as decent flight performance

Wyvern and it does not kill many people - strongly depends on who is flying them.

We have a lot a pathetic runners wrecking up 10-15:1 k/d ratios in it and sorry to say that, these guys are smart enough to stay untouchable - even with 2-3 km altitude advantage they are simply back in the airfield aaa bubble when you are in gun range.

Editing of posts – i think we share the same fate…

Have a good one!

But why put Mig29 F16 and F14 together? I think they deserve separate selections

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The one that shot me down, is always the most OP. 😎


Why are the top dogs in one vote together. I’d vote F14A as it can dominate BVR and is 11.7 compared to the rest which is actualy pretty balanced compared to each other and what they face

you’re a bomber so start with like a 4km advantage…

so long as you don’t dive on the first fighter you see and blow all your energy you’re fine. Overfly all the fighters and pick the highest target and work your way down.

The point was more what the hell is a bomber doing dogfighting fighters very effectively.

XP 50s counter you pretty good but they counter like everything so that is null.

All 3 shit on everything 11.3 or 11.0 and deserve more separation. the f-14A should be 12.0 with the rest yes.

it is a slightly worse xp 50. roll rate ain’t that great and realshatter kind of ruined the guns but it is 3.7 and has a stupid climb rate for its BR. it is just that no one flys it and no one climbs in it. I am 5:1 in it and play it like a bit of an idiot. most of those deaths would be to xp 50s which you face a lot otherwise it would be better

I don’t have a G55s so can’t speak for its performance but i have never gotten into a fight with one and thought woah this thing outclasses me in every way. just seems like a good plane rather than a OP one. like a p63 or a 109 F-4. very good but beatable.

F-104s should be on the list as they are pretty unkillable if your team doesn’t have something with aim 9 D/Gs. however they are easy to dodge and struggle to carry a game. I have been 1v5 plenty of times and I can’t kill anyone as they are all focused on me and can dodge and by reverse I can’t be killed as I energy trap them all.

J35XS does look great but very few CM which is a big weakness. sea harrier has 4 good missiles and crap flight performance so hardly game breaking in the world were flares are 90%+ effective if you turn off your afterburner.