Poll for the most OP aircraft

Mig-29. only answer. It’s the fastest jet in the game, It can out turn everything, and has the best missiles in the game. Nothing else in the game can compete, a skilled F-16 player might stand a chance, but everything is a one sided battle.

Im also a Japan main, with the entire tech tree completed. I couldnt remember the Ki-96 to the point I had to go check the wiki to find out what it even was.

My vote is the Su-11, even at 7.3. there is not a single person who I bet could say with a straight face that the Su-11 is only 7.3 good while the R2Y2s are worthy of 8.0. lmao.

The Plagis style spitfires have a way higher rate of climb as props. Just a heads up :-)

I think the Plagis style spitfires balance that out. of course the Plagis style spitfires are premium so they are more rare but they perform incredibly. and like every other plane, it comes down to who you are dog fighting. 90% of the Bf109 pilots I go against go into a scissor maneuver which is the worst maneuver ever if you are being chased by a agile aircraft. I think instead of nerfing any of these planes people need to post tutorials on what not to do in a dog fight. and then if this problem persists then they can be nerfed.

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I don’t agree with a) the 6-ton bomber and b) flight model of a Spitfire.
According to the aircraft data sheets we are more or less in 8 ton area. In addition you should distinguish between the 3 variants: B-18B, T-18B and T-18B 57mm. Flight and turn characteristics of the 57mm are the worst, B-18B are the best.

I agree with good climb and for the last 2 variants with fire power - despite 20 mm cannon ammo is very limited with 2x60 rpg and the 57mm AP rounds are sometimes just producing hits.

I can’t agree with your assessment regarding vulnerability in 1vs1s. At least the much lighter B-18B can outturn most of single engine fighters with turn qualities like later 109s or P-51s quite easy - the challenge for the B-18B is imho to avoid headons (as there is zero armor for the pilot) and to know about the individual weaknesses of enemy fighters.

The key is flying and turnfighting with full WEP the whole match - with both rads at 50% you won’t overheat.

In addition the B-18B is (good flown) one of the most difficult targets to find in Air RB on equal energy states - mainly due to high speed and good climb as this allows you to maximize the time you can stay outside his, but inside you gun range. You get kills up to 2.3 km and depending on your speed and position the range of US 0.50 cals is max 1,8 km.

The two T-18B variants are easy kills if you fight them like P-61s - just stay below and behind if you are at altitude and you are fine. As soon as they are near ground disengage if you have not enough access speed.

Mhm - i got some kills whilst flying 3.000 B-18B missions in Air RB and i would guess that XP-50s are in the top 3 (together with 109s and Yer-2s) of my victims.

Mainly as I try to keep altitude advantage as long as possible, try to avoid multiple pursuers at my six and (as described above) my 13.2mm outranges their 0.50 cals significantly. So usually i score multiple hits and often crits long before they are in gun range.

In addition the low rip speed of the XP-50s helps you a lot to keep distance and your air brake prevents you from ripping.

Agree in general but this mainly due to good power to weight. Due to BR change from 3.0 to 4.0 for the B-18B within 8 months last year the plane lost it’s op character. Just look at the J-21a - increase from 3.0 to 4.3 just due this headon nonsense on both sides.

In its intended role the B-18Bs and the T-18Bs are due to very high uptier ratios (= BR 5.0+) useless as bombers as they can’t kill a single respawning or 2 non-respawning bases above BR 4.7. The 57mm version with max 400kg bombload is no bomber and needs objectively the much lower strike aircraft spawn…

Without those guys using the 4.3 versions as bomber hunters by killing clueless players in “real” bombers ( i did it myself for this 15 kills with cannons >45mm Battle Pass Challenge) the two bomber version are just 2 fast bombers with a unusual high survival rate.

The SB2C and the B7A2 (both with bomber spawn) are far better dogfighters than the Saab 18 family but they lack top speed at higher altitudes and/or climb.

why isn’t the p51h here, it’s the only true 7.0 piston fighter, sitting at 6.3 lmao

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Ever since Su-11 got moved to 7.3 everyone seems to forgotten it exists.

I mean all russian aircraft perform better than their counterparts. take the Yak series in low tier. the migs in mid and high tier. especially the mig 21, I literally NEVER get killed by anything else in high tier. Mig 21s are everywhere, with no chance to bring them down alone. its faster, more agile and has better missles than their american counterparts. and thats simply crazy.

For gods Sake Gajin. BALANCE THOSE MIG 21s!!!

I think that’s more because a few nations have Mig-21s they can use, and that Mig-21s are often the only option for Russia/Germany at certain BRs.

The balance of them is mostly good, but decompression is needed for better balance.

Also some tips for fighting them: Get them to turn, because they lose lots of speed when turning.

You forgot F4U-4B

Also forgot the XF5F

Never saw it. But i think i should trust you

Mustang Mk 1A. Messerschmitt 109 E7. These two aircraft dominate lower BRs. Both should be 3.7, not too long ago the 109 E7 was at 2.3!!! It’s effectively a slightly better E4!

F 16C there is no competition

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the MIG21 SMT and MF also outclass everything else at 11.3 except for the armament. The only thing above the MiG21s and j7e’s are the drakens.

massive unholy skill issue.

I’d have to pick multiple, depending on the mode, F-14’s are cancer in Air EC, getting hit and not knowing where it’s coming from. The A-10 gets AIM-9L’s at 10.3, like really dude. Same with the SU-25, all aspect R-60MK’s. La-200 and Su-11 are two of a kind, excelling speed, powerful guns, and don’t slow down in a dogfight, which can be useful sometimes. The XP-50 isn’t as bad as people think, just shoot first, and hit your shots, but you aren’t winning a dogfight if you miss a head on; and it’s a pain when playing bombers. Yak-38 is the same story as the A-10 and Su-25. F-5C is debatable, the plane itself is a good accelerator, but that’s about it, trying to dogfight it, or less likely, pulling a reversal on it, is impossible, and if they are paying attention, you won’t get a missile to track on them when they dump 40 flares. Haven’t had much experience fighting the MiG-21 Smt, but the times I have fought it, It was the easiest fight of my life, or the hardest depending on the plane. I’ve got to say it’s missing the Wyvern though; fastest prop at 4.0, and has decent Hispanos, can bomb, run, and take out planes, while having a top speed, quiet literally having no match at the BR.

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You mean Viggen, right? Or are you talking the J-35XS, which is almost a full BR lower, with no All-Aspects?

You should specify that this is an RB thread. Nearly none of the planes listed are OP in AB, and there are more than you have on this list in AB, that are very OP . . . in AB