Polish F-16 for Germany, instead of F-4F ICE

Attention all War Thunder pilots! Are you tired of seeing the German tech tree languish? Do you want to inject new life into your gameplay experience? Well, we have a solution for you!

Introducing the Polish F-16, a modern multi-role fighter that promises to shake up the skies and breathe new vitality into War Thunder’s meta. This cutting-edge aircraft, operated by the Polish Air Force, is poised to save the German tech tree from suffering and stagnation.

Why the Polish F-16, you ask?

  1. Modern Powerhouse: The F-16C/D Block 52+ is a state-of-the-art fighter jet equipped with advanced avionics, weaponry, and performance capabilities. Its inclusion in War Thunder brings a contemporary edge to the game and revitalizes gameplay for pilots seeking a modern combat experience.

  2. Strategic Significance: By introducing the Polish F-16, War Thunder not only acknowledges Poland’s pivotal role in NATO but also highlights the strategic importance of alliances and collaboration in modern warfare. This addition reinforces the interconnectedness of nations within the game and opens up new tactical possibilities for players.

  3. Community Engagement: The introduction of the Polish F-16 is not just about adding a new aircraft; it’s about fostering community engagement and revitalizing interest in the game. Pilots will eagerly anticipate mastering the capabilities of this iconic fighter, leading to increased player activity and interaction within the War Thunder community.

  4. Historical Context: Poland’s acquisition of the F-16 represents a significant milestone in its aviation history and underscores the country’s commitment to modernizing its air force. Including this aircraft in War Thunder pays homage to Poland’s contributions to global security and stability, adding a layer of historical authenticity to the game.

So, fellow pilots, let’s rally together and support the introduction of the Polish F-16 in War Thunder. Together, we can save the German tech tree from suffering and elevate the game to new heights of excitement and dynamism!

Fly high, aim true, and let’s make history in the virtual skies of War Thunder!

#SaveGermanyWithF16 #PolishF16


Absolutely not. Yall alr have the best MiG-29, and the F-4F Ice will be at the worst a better F-4J with BVR. And maybe, you can just [cope] with having a non-meta top rank aircraft like britain, japan, italy, and sweden have at various times (and with japan still having to deal with a sub-par F-16) instead of whining on the forums that gErMaNy SuFfErS


Why would a Polish f16 go to Germany? There is no Polish sub tree in Germany


I think it makes more sense to give Germany a Swiss F/A-18, seeing as they already have a Swiss aircraft as a squadron vehicle (Hunter), and the fact they are closer to Germany in terms of demography and culture (german is one of the languages in Switzerland)

If Germany had to get a F-16 of some kind, then maybe the Dutch F-16AM is suitable (It is AIM-120 capable) Recently the Dutch and German militaries merged, so it’s clear they also have some sort of connection.


F-16AM Block 15 MLU from Dutch as part as of Benelux tech tree with Belgian

I assume germany could get F-16AM MLU (FAA) because argentina purchasing F-16AM MLU from danish


no to F-4 ICE

boo, -1. The ICE is cool, and is a definitive part of the history of the German Air Force.


I don’t get this part of your post, are you implying the F-4F ICE will be the same br as the F-4J? or are you implying the F-4F is a navy phantom?
Also the F-4J already has BVR


I think you just offended them a bit.
Switzerdeutsch is quite different to our normal German. 😅

But otherwise I’m 100% with you, a Swiss and austrian subtree would both be quite welcome in the German tech tree

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Absolutely not, we need new trees in wt, for example combined, like Yugoslavia, Czech Republic and Poland, Germany is already strong, they don’t need more reinforcements like k2pl, badger, etc

Oops! Haha xD

No offense intended, please forgive my ignorance


Germany never was great in terms of military aircraft after WorldWar II.

There is alos no need for them to be reinforced with stuff it never had.

Some Tornados ECR would largely be enough to deal with the gap in NATO side of Germany, and Russian Side of Germany is ending with MiG-29G.

I was just picking out a random 11.3 phantom variant tbh, I didn’t realize it was based off of the F-4F.

Why would Polish vehicles go to Germany?


Italy also got german, swedish and russian planes to buff the air tree. Sweden got german, british, US, russian planes etc etc

So why shouldn’t Germany get same treatment?


Right, just like Japan with F-16AJ?

Or France with the ItO 90M?

Rules for thee but not for me actual.

Some Tornados ECR would largely be enough to deal with the gap in NATO side of Germany


How is a jet whose sole purpose is to chuck HARMs at SPAA’s gonna fill any sort of a gap? This ain’t Eurofighter or F-16. Do you even know anything about the ECR, because it doesn’t seem like that to me.


In all fairness, a lot of people were upset over both. Including myself. It would have been better for Gaijin to have introduced like a Thai F-16.

And it is inherently different when the role the vehicle is providing is desperately needed by both nations. Germany already has a top tier Fighter, with the MiG-29G. Neither France nor Japan had a top tier SPAAG/Plane similar to or capable of competing with the things at the time. They received it out of Necessity. The Polish F-16 I cannot see adding much, since when Gaijin adds AMRAAMs there is a decent chance we see the Eurofighter added to the game. And plus, for now, AMRAAMs don’t exist, so looking at it, Germany has no need currently for an F-16 or ASF. Because, again, they have an ASF with the MiG-29G.

Which is going to be left in the dust soon due to ARH missiles making appearance (lets be honest, they will be added around June - if not, Gaijin wouldn’t have held that public test), sure they’re fine for now - but what about the future (± 6 months?).

Eurofighter added to the game

Smin clearly denied it for the foreseeable future, in addition EFT is a superior aircraft to both 39C & F-16C.

Germany has no need currently for an F-16 or ASF. Because, again, they have an ASF with the MiG-29G.

The thread was created in regards to substituting the F-4F ICE (Germany’s only AMRAAM carrier until EFT, which as the name suggests, is an F-4 - the best F-4 currently is sitting 1.0 BR below the F-16C due to being a significantly inferior airframe, F-4F would need to sit at a lower BR too, which then leaves us with a capability gap) with an F-16C, an assumption should be made that the OP is clearly thinking about the future here, not about the present for the discussion to even make sense.

In addition, the F-4F ICE was never fitted with equipment or weapons allowing it to perform a role of a CAS aircraft, meaning still 2xMav Bs - this jet’s only utility would be to chucking AMRAAMs from range; a one trick pony if you will - because it won’t be able to dogfight any 4th gen platforms that aren’t deaf or blind.

F-16C not only fills the gap between the ICE (could as well just replace it in the TT) and the EFT, it also gives Germany actual stand-off F&F capabilites on par with other nations. Right now they’re limited to an IDS with 4x LGBs that need to a constant target lock, so it can’t even really defend itself from incoming SPAA fire, it also doesn’t have the leeway of engaging different things at the same time either (meanwhile F-16C can take what; 6x Mav Ds that are F&F and 2 LGBs while also keeping wingtip air-to-air missiles?). Germany basically needs (with the proposed set-up) two different jets in the air to barely be capable of performing the role of a single F-16.


Not saying i agree with the original post, but kindly remind me in which TT i can find Leopard 2PL

IR missiles only tornado would be enough to compete?

Oh boi what a take.

All nations suffer compared to Russia, but Germany suffers the least.

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