Poland Tech Tree Idea

Hello everyone, I would like to propose a Polish technology tree, what do you think about it?

Interwar Period (1918-1939):

  1. 14TP with 20 mm FK wz.38: A variant of 14TP armed with a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun FK wz.38, adding a new dimension in the role of anti-aircraft support.

  2. Wz.34 (TKD): A Polish light tank, a modification of the reconnaissance tank TK-3, equipped with additional armor and improved weaponry.

  3. 14TP Twin-turret: An experimental Polish light tank with two turrets, similar to the 7TP Twin-turret. Its development could introduce interesting tactical challenges.

  4. TKS with nkm wz.38: A Polish light tank equipped with a nkm wz.38 machine gun. It could serve as a fast support shooter in the vehicle tech tree.

World War II (1939-1945):

  1. 40TP Habich: A conceptual Polish light tank from the war period, equipped with a 40 mm gun, representing another step in the evolution of light tanks.

  2. TKS-D20: A Polish light tank, an experimental version equipped with a 20 mm gun, highlighting the flexibility of the Polish approach to tank design.

  3. 25TP KSUST II: A project of a Polish light tank from the war period, equipped with a 75 mm gun, representing a noticeable step forward compared to previous models.

  4. Kreslavsky KV-13: An experimental Polish heavy tank, a project developed in collaboration with the USSR. Its introduction would provide a unique element to the tech tree.

Cold War Era (1945-1989):

  1. T-72M2 Wilk: Polish modernization of the T-72 tank, featuring fire control systems and modern weaponry, making it more competitive on the battlefield.

  2. T-55AM2 Merida II: Another modernization of the T-55 tank, with improvements in electronics and armor, emphasizing advancements in design.

  3. T-55AD-1: Polish modernization of the T-55 tank, with additional anti-aircraft armament. It would be an interesting addition to the tech tree, introducing anti-aircraft defense.

  4. Twardy 2C: Project of the Polish main battle tank, an evolution of the PT-91 Twardy. It would feature advanced fire control systems and armor.

Contemporary Era (Post-1989):

  1. WPB Anders: Polish next-generation main battle tank, based on experiences from Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks. A significant step in the development of armored technology.

  2. WR-02 Ryś: Polish modernization of self-propelled howitzers, equipped with a 155 mm gun, increasing its effectiveness on the battlefield.

  3. BWP-2000: Polish infantry fighting vehicle, an evolution of the BWP-1, with improved armor and modern communication systems.

  4. Borsuk: Polish light armored tank, a project of cooperation between Poland and Turkey. It could provide players with new maneuvering capabilities on the battlefield.

  5. Rak: Polish medium tank, a conceptual project in terms of modernization. It would feature advanced fire control systems and electronics.

  6. Rosomak M1M: Polish armored personnel carrier with additional armament, showcasing flexibility and versatility in combat applications.

There are still many Polish tanks, but I have given the most relevant attention here.

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Very smol, there’s a lot more

Issue is both of these were only paper projects, and Gaijin won’t add those. We have 3 sets of projects for the 25TP:

  • KSUST I with 75mm


  • KSUST II with 75mm


  • B.B.T.Br.Panc with 40mm Bofors

But again, all blueprints. I don’t believe even mockups were made.

And to my knowledge, the 40TP is either fake or was barely a proposal, let alone blueprints or a mockup. There was the PZInż proposal for the 25TP but it doesn’t have any blueprints surviving (although I believe a mockup was made, just no photos are around)

Interrmarium tree would be bettter imo. It would create place for Ukrainians too, since adding them to USSR tree might be a no no with current things