Poland as a separate nation?

what do yall think?


Yes +1




i think poland should be added for a couple of things

  1. Poland had a big impact on history
    2.Poland would be fun to play
    3.Poland had a lot of its own tanks and it would be nice to add them
    4.Theres a LOT of polish players on WT

No, even though I’m a Pole, I think that it shouldn’t happen, as it’s already Poland x Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic, but the problem in many trees is that maybe they have tanks, but they don’t have aviation.

i agree 50/50, poland does have “Some” planes. But its aloso true that most of its aviation tree would be british planes and etc…

Listen we are playing this game to suffer together in the end so why not, but this list is just C/P from other nations with nothing domestic nor anything unique built by Poland

polish vehicles

  • PZL P.7
  • PZL P.11
  • PZL.23 Karaś
  • PZL.37 Łoś
    and etc…

Yes, either as the main TT nation with WARSAW pact nations as a Sub-TT or Poland as a Sub-TT of a WARSAW pact nation. This is my main objection to it being a sub-TT of Germany. It is far far better placed elsewhere.

Tbh it’s too late for both Swiss TT and Polish TT the Leo 2pl is already in the German TT and as far as i can see there isn’t enough vehicles for it to be a TT nor a helping Sub TT for other nations

Big yes, especially if combined with Czechoslovakia


and ukraine

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Or any WARSAW pact countries

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I would rather see a dedicated polish line in another nation’s TT.

If Poland gets to be a part of an Eastern Europe TT it’s fine. On its own it doesn’t have enough unique vehicles.

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Actually it does.

I’m also working on the ground tree with a few others at the moment. Here’s tier 1 so far:



We’re barely starting here. Poland is a highly misunderstood nation. They have a plethora of wheeled vehicles, MBTs, IFVs, AAAs, other light vehicles and their own unique modifications of Soviet tanks (which only make up a small portion of the tree).


Not enaugh even for ground TT, not to mention air.
Another copy paste TT with few unique vehicles.
Subtree at best, but perosnally I hate sub TT, they make nations less uniqe and game less fun, at this pointy GRB could be the same as ARB every match is mixed nations on both sides, and instead playing to your vehicles strenghts you have to simply be better pilot since you fight same plane

Unless you can fill an entire air tree, ground tree and have helicopter and naval forces I don’t know why any tree is being suggested.

Having a handful of vehicles isn’t really worth adding an entire tree for with 90% copy paste.

Well I mean, there are TT’s in game that have only ground and air. Or even had just one. But the rest of what you said is true