Pods of Fuel are needed for all variants of J35

Planes are being buffed and nerfed because of, “realism” ( see F4D-1 having its capacity of ammunition of guns reduced because of data from manuals ).
As has been stated in this post ( Community Bug Reporting System ) Drakens, as displayed in manuals, had the capacity to carry pods of fuel.
Gaijin, where are our pods of fuel for the Drakens?
I payed for J35A and XS. Bring the pods of fuel or stop posting and buffing and nerfing planes while talking about realism. We want our pods of fuel for our Drakens.
We are tired of having our patrols cut short.


Idk mb just stop use AF all the time ??

The pods of fuel provide options that currently are lacking.

Not played much top tier in 18 months or more, but I did complete the Swedish tree when Draken was end of the line and spaded it. Didn’t find the lack of fuel too limiting. Certainly a factor to consider and patrols were usually defensive ones, reacting to attacks on our airfields, or going to the front lines looking along the usual incoming bomber routes. But that is pretty much what the Draken was for: point defence, or maybe a quick CAS run to the front lines when other aircraft had supplanted it in the AD role.

Every aircraft should have limitations, and for the Draken that’s range. Few other aircraft need drop tanks, unless we get some of those sorely needed bigger maps, so adding drop tanks to the game in its current state would be a lot of wasted effort. Drop tanks as a long-term ambition is fair enough, but for now, with the maps currently available, learn the Draken as it is - strengths AND weaknesses.

…. Actually, are drop tanks not already in game for some aircraft? I’d have to check, as I don’t play top tier atm. If some aircraft get them already, then, hell yes the Draken should too.

They are indeed. But still missing from many aircraft that had and used them. In the case of mirage 5 variants even modeled but not useful or functional.

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Quite a few have them (started adding them this time last year with stuff like the Tornados), but just as many are missing them. Some I get. Like the Harriers. They dont overly need them, but would be fun to have (useful as an alternative to fuel dumping before VTOL landings).

But there are some that are strange. Like the Hunter F6 and FGA9 dont have fuel tanks yet, but the Hunter F58 does. You also have some situations where aircraft like the Phantom FGR2/FG1/F4J(UK) and the Gripen C have centre line fuel tanks, but are missing their wing mounted options.

But yeah, they are working through all the aircraft to give missing fuel tanks, but they are dragging their heels a bit. I think it should be a higher priority

Doesn't seem high priority from the report, since you'd have to trade away 2 AIM-9s for a single drop tank, which doesn't seem worth it. They're relatively fuel conservative too, the max fuel load of 20:00 with half afterburner (until I'm actually needing the extra thrust of full) gets me comfortably through most games.

Edit: Didn’t see the sim tag, my bad. Yeah, this is probably worth it for Sim battles, though I don’t have a ton of experience in them, the extra loiter time is much more valuable than in RB.

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If I run out of fuel and destroy nothing, then 4 missiles does me no good.


Let the player decide what tactic he wants to employ regarding stores/fuel balance.

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What they should do is let each one apply the exact amount of fuel up to their maximum limit.

How about just working fuel gauge! It’s not really useful that the needle only starts moving after you’re BINGO

“gets me comfortably through most games.”
You speak of games of Air RB? Surely you do not speak of games of Simulator. This post is addressing primarily Simulator Battle, and has this category attached in the description for this reason.

People that play in the land of the labels would generally not need to consider external tanks of fuel, I understand, as in Air RB a match can be over in less than ten minutes.

Those that can not stand the land of the labels,
where one is affronted by view of 3rd person,
and people pointing cursors with a mouse impersonating pilots
play Simulator instead,
where one can conduct lengthy patrols.
For this reason, for those that play Simulator, pods of fuel are valuable options for loadouts.

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Fair enough, I did miss the simulator tag.

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Copy. 👍🏻


Where are my pods of fuel for my Drakens, Gaijin?
You were capable of including them in a promotional image that you created for the game - why do you include pods of fuel for Drakens in promotional images but omit them from the actual aircraft in-game?

I request that you add the tanks of fuel for Drakens in the next update. Adding the pods of fuel as they ought to have been available from the start would represent a good gesture towards players that many would appreciate. Inversely, ignoring this issue would constitute a large middle finger raised against pilots of Drakens. I would hope that it would not take another boycott for Gaijin to decide to listen to the voice of the community and customers that make this game possible in the first place.

Could you get this post in front of someone in Gaijin that could implement the addition of pods of fuel for Drakens in-game and secure an answer as to whether or not that they will execute this revision and then post their response to the request here? I would appreciate this very much.


I am no dev and have no contact to or influence over devs. I have to go through the same channels available to every other player: Suggestions and bugs.

However, it has been stated before that more aircraft will receive fuel pods in time, so just be patient.