PLS introduce premium-report in game.(100golden eagle per report)

The game indeed punish and penalize those players who killing teammates, but in certain situations, these penalties may not be effective or might even backfire. This primarily occurs when malicious players use their vehicles to collide with others from advantageous angles or continually push and jostle them, leading to the regular players’ directly or indirectly death, damage, or inability to play normally. In these scenarios, the game sometimes fails to penalize the malicious players for their actions causing regular players to die or be unable to play properly (such as in airRB, damaging teammate by only knocking off their propeller or part of the wing instead of instant collision kill, or in groundRB, using a tank to push a teammate’s tank out of cover/into a wall or water/down a hill). In rare cases, the game may even punish the victim instead of the malicious player (for instance, in airRB, sometimes a collision is deemed as a self-crash for the attacker, while the attacked plane is considered a teamkill).

Those cancer players are already hurting players and damaging the environment of the game, but if players know that some of those cancer players won;t even get punishment get banned, it will damage the game even more.

Of course, I understand that refining the judging mechanism for these rare situations is very complex and challenging. Therefore, I suggest that Gaijin introduces a paid report system, costing about 100 Golden Eagles per report, with a maximum of one report per month (premium account players can report up to three times per month). These reports would be prioritized for manual review to verify their validity and penalize the malicious players. If a report is confirmed to be valid, it would not count towards the monthly reporting limit.


monetizing the ability to report is just horrible imp.
That would damage the game extremely.
It shouldn’t be harder to do a make a report, but it should be harder when you get rightfully reportet.


You had your point!
But i think letting gaijin have some money will give them more motivation. Also the premium report has limited time, so won;t be abused.

HE-HE-HE-HE-HELL NAH! Mister, do you even realize how crazy it would be to make players pay to report someone? Also you do realize that reporting allows the game to get rid of cheaters and toxic players right? You know that if it becomes a must pay nobody will report anymore and cheaters will have the time of their life, right?


Wow, pay to punish… That is a new concept, not a good concept, but a new one…


How will a paid report system lower the effectiveness of the existing report system?


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What you are describing is called “griefing” and you can already report this, at no cost, by using the Server Replay. Report the offending player and use the “Other” category, explain what happened and make note of the time that the “offense” occurred". Players that do this type of thing on a regular basis should end up getting severe enough punishments, over time, to either encourage them to play in a more sportsmanlike manner or perhaps give up the game. Either way seems better for the community as a whole. Just take the time to make the reports and your job is done. Players making reports will not be notified of any outcomes as any punishments are kept private between the game and those being punished(except in the case of the Fair Play listings). As long as you are making good, valid reports, the system in place will deal with things accordingly. Just have to do your part(making the reports) and have faith in that system. Sorry you have to deal with this sorta thing and hopefully you see a lot less of it in the future.


You know having premium tanks won;t delete FREE tech tree tank in game right? Introducing a premium report won;t delete the old report.

This has to be like… I’m not even kidding, the most WTF suggestion I have ever seen in the War Thunder Forums. You realize how insane this even sounds right? If you want players to pay for making a report against potential real cheaters they will only be protected and supported by this kind of method.


But what you are suggesting hints at a lynch mob/bounty hunter scenario granting PAYING players a reporting “privilege” that does not need to exist. We don’t need any more “class system” in the game than we already have. I understand your sentiment, but this is not a good or workable idea for this game . . . not at all

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So u guys just assumpt that the game will cut part of the existing report system capacity for the paid report, instead of setting up more report system capacity to the new one and remian the old one of its today’s capacity?

privilege? paying tips won;t make u be a master. premium or not the report will only work if it is valid.

The Reporting/Complaint system just has absolutely no room for the kind of money “privilege” you are suggesting . . So I get robbed and you think I should pay EXTRA to the police to get my case looked at sooner, or even considered in the first place . . . … lol. That is just not logical or feasible on any level. Just use the system already in place to it’s fullest potential, that’s all. It does not need any alterations . . especially of the type you are suggesting . . just no. Biggest problem is players do not use it when they should or do not know the game rules properly and make bad reports for things that are not against the rules to begin with.


Ture, the server replay report works, but it cost effort and time, and most importantly it still works because not that many players are using this way oftenly. IF more and more players are going to use server replay report, gaijin has to rise the expenditure on staffs who working on it. Otherwise, this way will inevitablely become less and less effective.

This is one of the takes of all time.

Have you at all considered that paying to file a report would introduce incentive to do nothing to fix the problem and only encourage it in the interest of short term profit? Not a hard thing to grasp, and that’s ignoring the myriad other issues with this proposal.

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The victim or a witness should pay the police, public prosecutor or judge for their legal task? That sounds too much like the Middle Ages to me.
As a police officer, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when I hear something like that…

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What u said make sense.
But here is a commercial company, I can’t expect them have much motivation to voluntarily refine the report system to be more effective, more convenient, quicker response and have more capacity.

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Middle ages weren’t even that unfair. Was in the interest of the Lord of the land to address serf concerns, in the interest of efficiency. This is worse than that system. That system you just had to fight to get attention, this you actively have to have a bribe for attention. Not to sweeten the deal, but to actually have a chance of getting heard.

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I know, but that’s what the normal person would expect and I can’t think of a better example right now to categorize something so angular.