Pls explain i rlly need help

so when i choose to play realistic battle it will take so long the longest wait time for me was abt an hour
but when i choose to play air arcade it will make me join a queue after like 5 seconds. can someone pls help?

check which servers you have allowed yourself to play in. if you want quick battles select all servers

but im new, i dont know how to do those kind of stuff

can u explain more to me on how to check the servers im allowed to play in. etc

ill share ss

umm where can i see the ss?

lemme boot up WT

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Click on the β€œrealistic battles tab”

this window will open up.
click on the bottom left tab for β€œselect servers”

thank u so much after i select the servers does it let me play realistic battles?

it will significantly decrease waiting time for realistic battles yes, for me i usually load up within 20 seconds

ok what servers do i need to select/

you can try selecting all of them, but if you care about PING (AKA lag), then select the servers that are closest to you (physically)

yes sir thanks bro

lets play sometime? its kinda lonely having noone respond to chat messages

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which nation r u playing?


and how far have you gotten in the Tech tree?

lemme check

rank I with F6F i see
with america im also pretty new since most of my efforts have been to china and germany air and ground

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