Pls delete the air spawn of xp-50

Xp-50 is one of the most toxic plane in the game which fly faster and turn faster than most of the opponents their facing, getting air spawn is just unbalance. So pls cancel it air spawn and rising it BR to 5-6.0


5.0-6.0 is definitely too high for the XP-50.

However, I absolutely agree with you on the fact that the XP-50 doesn’t need and should not have an airspawn thanks to it’s great climbrate.


For it’s spec, 5.0 - 5.3 is more suitable

I disagree.
While the XP-50 has some great engine power as well as good firepower, your gun ammo is relatively limited (60 rpg for the 20mm cannons). The XP-50 also can’t really outturn or outclimb that many 5.0 aircraft.

Ideally, you could keep it at 4.0 and just take away the airspawn which I think would be plenty to balance it better.


it spec in 5.0 are still reasonable, limited ammo isnt the main problems

The XP-50’s turn performance and speed are perfectly in line with the other aircraft it faces. The only reason it’s unbalanced is the airspawn.

Learn to counter the XP-50.


Fully agree.

Imho the XP-50 is only a menace for untrained pilots unable to exploit their main weakness: Their pilots.

  • Everybody with some experience can use their high speed compression combined with the rather low rip speed to reverse them. I see them daily dying to Ki-44s and Yak-3s doing exactly this.

  • From my pov only a handful of their pilots are able to maintain the energy advantage of their airspawn for a longer period. The average XP-50 pilot is limited to headons, goes for bombers and dives on the first markers they see.

  • I would even claim that your chances to win a match increase the more XP-50s you face. To be fair: Things get difficult if you face the combination of rather good pilots on very small maps and your random team collapses very quick.

  • But i can’t remember getting killed by one flying a SM 92 or a B7A2 - both outturn XP-50s if you are able to create an undisturbed 1 vs 1 and you managed to reduce their energy advantage with prolonged high speed dives upfront.

  • Imho a good flown P-51 C-10 is a bigger threat on a lower BR - higher rip speed, very good dive performance, amazing high speed/initial turn, good turn and way faster at sea level.


Gaijin never delete the airspawn because it’s an interceptor.
And it will stay at 4.0 because the over all statistic is too bad because there are too many unskilled players own it. That’s the way Gaijin is thinking about.

If you know what you’re doing you are untouchable in this plane, but most of the players don’t know.
Without airspawn it will become a bit useless.


The problem is actually larger than this—it has much more to do with the arbitrary way Gaijin utilizes and applies plane classifications—in particular ‘attacker’ and ‘interceptor’.

They continue to shoehorn and rely on classifications from over 10 years ago designed for 1940s aircraft, where the interceptor and attacker air spawn(s) made sense for balancing purposes given the map/game design. (As an aside, while some attempts were made over the years, IMO, they’ve never really adequately played with/tested the spawn heights and distances for individual aircraft in ARB—it was always slight binary/universal changes which rarely, if ever, took the BR or map into consideration.)

Reexamining the arbitrary attacker and interceptor classifications should have been addressed when they revamped the air trees last year. It would have helped to resolve/prevent some of the weirder tree paths/folder groupings and awkward issues such as the air-spawn disparity for the F-84F across nations.


What is a “cope” post? I imagine your answer will include a lot of your topics you’ve created.

It’s none of my posts thanks. A cope post is one where someone complains about something in the game that makes no signifnicant matter.


clearly we should give every plane an airspawn because of it



I would claim that they never delete the airspawn because it is a premium. Followed by interceptor.

Fully agree to the need of “solving” this issue.

But - i see the main problem rather in gaijins policy to spread interceptor / air superiority / strike fighter classifications as additional balancing factor, so what looks arbitrary is (imho) actually fully intended.

Some examples:

  • We have on one hand planes clearly not designed as interceptors (like F-82 or P-61 for US, Fw 190 A-8) with an airspawn - and on the other hand clearly designed interceptors (like XF5F, Bf 109 Z-1, J2M2, Ki-94, etc) without an airspawn.

  • From general pov it makes no sense to give nightfighter #1 (P-61) an “air superiority” spawn and nightfighter #2 (Bf 110 G-4) a “strike fighter” spawn. In game you see that the 110 G-4 spawns way more forward - making it nearly impossible to get to altitude with ~12m/s climb to attack a bomber. The P-61 has simply more time (as his spawn is near own airfield) to use his 16m/s climb to go for a bomber. In addition the P-61 airspawn happens at a higher alt than the strike fighter spawn - at least it looks this way.

  • In total contrast to this we have the ground attack version of the Ki-102 implemented as “interceptor” without adding the bomb loadouts - and the actual interceptor version of the Ki-102 is not implemented in wt.

  • The rejection of the bug report for the missing air spawn of the XF5F (the USN equivalent to the USAAF XP-50) despite wt itself describes it as interceptor is evidence enough that gaijin has no problem to spread air spawns at will, but fully intended. I mean just think about how many planes we have at Rank III with a BR of 2.3…

Imho wt has to rethink their overall positioning regarding airspawns. From a pure logical point the difference of an interceptor (at least in WW2) to a standard fighter is based around faster climb and increased speed & armament vs a standard fighter - whilst sacrificing turn in this process.

  • So a “real” interceptor would not need an airspawn in the first place.

  • By giving such planes an airspawn they actually increase their positional / energy advantage vs a standard fighter spawning on an airfield.

  • On the other hand we have standard fighters optimized for fast climb like 109s and Spits which were used as interceptors and outclimb actual interceptors by a substantial margin.

The upcoming separation of Ground and Air BRs should be used to rethink this issue completely…


Was there not a recent data mine with some spawning altitude changes?

I tend to think that, regardless of classification, spawn altitude should be used as a balancing factor. It might not be as “realistic” as it should but it might let some aircraft fulfill their design roles properly. I’m particulary thinking of some of the twin-engined Japanese interceptors that can currently be overtaken to altitude by ground-spawning fighters.

Sure it is, but that’s not the point in this topic.
It’s only about the XP50.

If you remove the air spawn it could go to 3.7 again. Stuff like the P-51C, Bf-109F4, and Yak-3 are stronger than the XP-50.

The XP-50 has slightly better turnrate than the Bf 109 F-4, as seen in the old Beer Thunder video where squish takes XP-50 up vs Bf 109 and whoever is playing the XP-50 consistently wins, showing that the plane is better even accounting for minor differences in pilot skill. Essentially the XP-50 is a better bf 109 F-4 considering that while it has less ammo, its guns are much more effective than MG 151, which is the saddest gun in the game right now.

This is a vehicle that has no business being below BR 4.0 even with a ground spawn. Meanwhile, the early P-47 thunderbolts with much worse climb are stuck with a ground spawn and therefore complete early-game irrelevance despite having worse flight models where it counts.

Gaijin needs to review the airspawn system.

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I just played a 5.0 game in Air RB (I was flying the Me-410 but it might have been a 5.3 game). 2 players spawned XP50 on the opposite side. They climbed fast above 13000 feet and proceeded to clean the entire map. They literally killed all of us and stayed well above, diving just enough to get the top of the melee. We destroyed the rest of their team but we all died. There was, quite literally, nothing at all we could do, since they could outclimb and out turn all our planes.

In my opinion, it could very easily be at 5.0 or 5.3 and still perform well, but not higher than that, due to encountering early jets and very powerful post war props with higher performance and loadout. But I don’t think anything WWII can beat it, except maybe J2M’s and the like (and we know these are also horribly overpowered in the current meta).

the XP-50 in the hands of good pilot is a destroyer. but they usually aren’t. they have limited ammo for their 20mm, after that they only have 2 .50 cals for attacking, really doesn’t turn faster than other planes of its BR. only place it does insanely better is climb rate, where I can agree that the removal of its air spawn is a good idea to balance it. doesn’t belong at anything higher than 4.3

Mate! No offense, but after i watched the replay:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

…it is obvious that your team full of tankers made almost all possible mistakes at once vs another team of tankers.

I saw some classic mistakes like:

  • Not climbing as a group, with correct (=optimal) climb speeds
  • Going for bombers instead of focusing on actual threats like 3 XP-50s
  • No attempts to split up or isolate enemies
  • No attempts to reduce their energy advantage (shallow high speed dives)
  • No attempts to sideclimb / outclimb them

Accompanied by individual things like:

  1. Your 190 D-9 stall climbed into enemies approaching at high alt and was basically a stationary target…
  2. Going with your Me 410 B-6/R 3 into an Air RB match and trying to stall fight a higher and faster XP-50 is like going just with a knife to a gun fight
  3. A single 109 was higher at the end and went for a B-17…

I do agree it is looks not really fair to face 5 (3 XP-50s, 1 P-61 & 1 VB 10) air spawn planes, but nobody forced your team to stall climb into higher enemies.

The other team was not really good - but as soon as you allow enemies to dictate the fight and accept their terms to fight you get killed no matter what they fly…