Please, no SAMs at 8.3!

I’m playing BR8.3 RB. I have two planes, one from 1944, and the other from 1954.

Recently, I have found myself facing SAMs. I get no warning they are approaching. They are modern designs from the 1970s that easily outmaneuver my aircraft. I have no countermeasures.

I am simply flying along and then I explode.

This is not fun. Can we please get this changed?

Only way would be to lower your br, though I can’t think of many SAM SPAAs are at that br besides one (9.3).

That’s just the way it is, playing higher br results in seeing SAMs. It only gets worse the higher you go. There are ways to deal with them though. A vast collection of said methods exist on the forum and online videos.

Could always be worse, like seeing SAMS at 4.7 in naval arcade/realistic with 10km range.


From what I know there is no vehicle with SAM systems in 8.3, they are only 9.0+
you are simply just getting up tiered to 9.0


Even at 9.0 in 9.0 planes you’ll face them, even though you’re flying a Sabre or something without any means to do anything against it.

Most of the SAMs in 9.0 have a very short lock range and can also be dodged by hitting the deck but I understand where you’re coming from dealing with sterlas and such in 9.3 which I think should either be 9.7 or 10.0.

The SAMs you face at 8.3 are all from uptiers, which isn’t what balance should be based around.

Regardless, these missiles can be spotted easily if you are aware that they are present.
How to know if they are present?

  1. Check what BR you are playing. If you are fully uptiered then there is a good chance that the enemy may get a SAM system.

  2. Take into consideration what phase of the game you are in. Early game there are less SPAA than there will be late game, so it is advised to he extra cautious at mid-game and beyond. Early game a possibility of SAMs does still exist though, so it’s worth treading carefully either way.

  3. Take in your surroundings. It is not always a necessity to rush in for a bombing right away, sometimes it can be good to simply observe the battlefield and see if you can spot something yourself or if something targets you while you’re prepared for it.

  4. The SAMs at this tier have smoke trails behind the missile, which makes it much easier to spot the missile than it would be otherwise.

  5. The most obvious note but it has to be said: simply learning the evasive maneuvers. I am not the best person to explain what works and what doesn’t, so perhaps someone else could do that, but I assure you that SAMs at this BR are no issue.

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What do you mean short range?

I’ve been hit by missiles that were flying along the line of my sight, like when I was approaching a spawn point looking for targets where the missile launcher was. Never saw it, just exploded.

How do I do that?

Sure, but early game I’m not in a plane. By the time I’m in a plane, the SAMs are up, if they exist.

The Japanese jeep with the Stinger is at this level, and leaves no smoke trail.

I invite you to try evading a Strella or Stinger in a Me 262. Let me know how that goes.

Then they are too low a BR. It’s that simple. These weapons are perfectly capable of taking down 9.0s and even higher, so why are they facing 8.0? Look at the German lineup, you have several 8.0s and one 8.3, so if you are taking out the M48G or something, you are going to be facing them in aircraft that have absolutely no recourse. It’s not like I can use my speed to sneak around the back like I can in an AML or BTR. These things can shoot me long before I get over the tank battleground and there’s nothing I can do about it except explode.

Type 93 leaves a smoke trail, just that they disappear after 7 seconds. Which is plenty of time to see.

So long as the A-4s around that tier retain their absurd air to ground loadouts, we need more SAMs, not less.

  • A-4E (8.7): 2 Walleyes (TV guided) and 3 Bullpup Bs (SACLOS guided).

  • Israeli A-4E (M) (8.7): 2 Walleyes and a 2000 lbs GBU (All TV guided).

And god help you if you get upteired to face the Ayit, which at only 9.3 has 3 Mavericks, 2 Walleye ERs and 2 Bullpups.

Even the G/91s Nords are tough to deal with post nerf.

Gepards and other analogue gun based SPAAs stand no chance at shooting these planes down if the pilot has two brain cells to rub together. Even proxy SPAAs like the Sgt York and the VEAK will lose that fight if they’re engaged first.

SAMs are borderline required to counter these vehicles. And so long as they remain at such a low BR, there’s just no justification to move the few SAMs that can even see them outside their BR brackets.


You can check by looking at spawn point costs or at your surrounding teammates and their vehicles.

That’s on you to work on awareness then.

I will repeat that I am not the best in this regard.

That is factually untrue. The missiles do have smoke, smoke only stops being produced when the missile runs out of fuel.

Consider your words please.
They are capable to engaging with 9.xs, which is why they are at such tier…

100000% agree, I know many complain about the Strela, Type 93, Imp.Charparrel, PGZ04A, Santal, Machbet being 9.3 but these are the ones that balance such aircrafts. Sometimes these missiles will miss or easily dodged if seen early, but that comes out of experience so depends on the pilot. Strela 20 G missiles is a bit too much sooo ye, least it counters the crazy CAS.


Weirdly enough the Strela seems to struggle vs props due to their tiny turning circles. It’s funny watching some WW2 prop dodge SAM’s like it’s a Black Hawk in a CoD mission getting peppered with RPG’s.

Only sam with smokeless motors that 8.3 can face is the chaparral. Everything else leaves a very visable smoke trail. Chaparral’s missile is also just an aim9d with all-aspect. It doesnt like doing more than one turn.

Stingers are pretty easy to dodge. Strella less so. However, strella has no search radar. Come in from unexpected angles.

Oooor, just learn to play with tanks. Go play Air RB if you want to play with planes. Nobody wants your unfair mechanic in ground mode!

Ooooooor we can just keep bugging Gaijin to add/improve SPAAG/SAMs.


And it would not solve the issue at all.

The issue is that CAS requires zero skill to use, while it takes a lot of skill to have the same effectiveness with a tank.

I have screenshotted every CAS player trying to kill me (or actually killed me), while i was using a tank, and them using CAS.

At this point, i have sorted 651 such screenshots (from other that are not made about stats), and the ir tank K/D is just awful:
These 651 players on average have a barely bigger than 0.5 K/D with tanks, so they need CAS to even have a chance of doing something.
When i reach 1000 screenshots, i will then collect 1000 other from players that kill me with a tank, and i will then compare.

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SAMs should start at BR 1.0


Most of the SAMs in 9.0 have around a 6 km launch limit

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