Please make the VIDAR higher BR

I hate having to Verse a modern artillery tank at 7.7, every time i get a uptier against Sweden i suffer. it literally has a laser rangefinder at 8.0, Thermal at 8.0 and a 7.8 second reload. What were Gaijin thinking making the VIDAR 8.0?


The VIDAR was originally 7.7 as well.
It could probably be 8.3 or 8.7, maybe even 9.0.

Problem is that it’s really hard to balance such a system. It’s one of the most modern and advanced artillery systems in service today. Only the DANA, CAESAR, Archer, and PzH2000 are it’s equals.

I think it’s still a tad too survivable against 7.0 APHE rounds in its current state. I rarely ever see one die in a single hit unless it’s from a soviet 122mm or heat/apfsds from a higher BR vic. You have to be so much more careful fighting them that even if they completely screw up and die they usually buy their team a lot of time you could’ve spent flanking through the area the VIDAR was covering. 8.0 is almost right, but I think 8.3 is almost right, but in the other direction (it would be just a little bit too weak vs a little bit too strong).

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While I haven’t played the VIDAR, I have played the Type 75 SPH quite a bit.

It’s great at 6.3, and when I took it to a couple of 9.0-10.0 games, it worked quite alright there aswell. I was regularly at the top 3 in my team.

In comparison the Type 75 SPH has a 10s reload (which is a couple seconds slower than VIDAR), lacks laser rangefinder, lacks thermal, and it’s fastest HE shell is slower than VIDARs and has less explosive filler. Both are very mobile, but to be fair the VIDAR has a larger profile.

So I don’t see why the VIDAR couldn’t be 9.0, or higher still. High caliber HE works better against IFVs and MBTs than WW2 heavy tanks. Tell you what, it could be 10.0 and I’d still buy it next sale.

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I originally advocated for it to be 8.7, but I mistakenly thought it had a two plane stabilizer. Due to its lack of stabilizer I believe 8.3 is a better fit.

If Gaijin continues with their decompression and moves the old 8.7 tanks to 9.0 then it certainly could be placed there.

You know, considering 8.7 is where the AMX-30B/B-BRENNUS have to live, maybe the VIDAR would be perfect there, too.

Yes but then you’d have to equate HE to APFSDS and it becomes situationally effective.

9kg HE can do things even APFSDS can’t so I’m willing to call it a wash. French early darts aren’t very good either.

Lol you died faster by helicopter then you get killed by CAS. The Vidar works fine as long range sniper if you have teammate that spot for you. I see in my 10.0 battles that some clans using Vidar as long range sniper to shoot at verhicles that don’t move but Vidar is easy to spot with drone and helicopter.

agree. vidar is one of the most unbalanced vehicles in GRB now. probably the most broken one.

its much worse in SB battles

a better comparison would of been type 99. in which vidar has a way better engine, laser range finder, and gen 2 thermals. IMO i think vidar is easily 9.0 material, when i was playing 9.3 japan i would bring the type 99 up to 9.3 with me and it preformed above average.

I agree!

Though please note that I couldn’t possibly have used Type 99 in my comparison as it was added in update “Air Superiority” on December 14 2023 (20 days after my initial comment) as I’m not psychic.

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oh im somewhat braindead and didnt read the date of the post LMAO

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No worries XD

Well, money.
But I completely agree it should be much higher in BR as it has thermals and LRF, it smokes anything and is very survivable, it is a complete comedy…
Generally the 7.0-9.0 range should be decompressed, it’s a complete unbalanced circus rn…